On 26 July 2018, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change and Minister for Roads and Road Safety announced the establishment of the Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group. This group will give community members the opportunity to provide community insight and input to future improvements for air quality in the inner west.

The reference group, with representatives from the community, local councils and community groups, will provide an opportunity for community members to better understand their local air quality, sources of pollution and propose areas of focus and solutions for Government consideration.

If you would like us to keep you up to date regarding the Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group, please email Inner.WestAir@delwp.vic.gov.au.


The members of the Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group are:

Patsy Toop OAMChairperson
Adam FletcherCommunity member representative
Alexandra DamasoliotisCommunity member representative
Bert BoereCommunity member representative
Chris DunlevyDon't Destroy Millers Roads representative
Christine HarrisSpotswood & South Kingsville Residents Group representative
Clare SheppardCommunity member representative
Geoffrey Mitchelmore OAMCommunity member representative
Ian ButterworthHobsons Bay City Council representative
Keith LoveridgeMaribyrnong City Council representative
Kristen GilbertBrimbank City Council representative
Louise KeramarisCommunity member representative
Monika PilekicCommunity member representative
Narelle WilsonMaribyrnong Truck Action Group
Rod BoydCommunity member representative
Steven CurryCommunity member representative
Valerie DrippsCommunity member representative

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group were finalised by the membership at their first meeting on 10 December 2018.

You can view the Terms of Reference and members' Code of Conduct below.

Terms of Reference - Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group (PDF, 146.6 KB)

Terms of Reference - Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group - Word Document (DOCX, 106.9 KB)


Meeting 1: 10 December 2018

This meeting focused on clarifying of the purpose and scope of the group, identifying members' key issues of concern in relation to air quality, and finalising the Terms of Reference.

Minutes - Meeting 1 (PDF, 581.8 KB)

Minutes - Meeting 1 - Word Document (DOCX, 59.0 KB)

Meeting 2: 25 February 2019

This meeting focused on providing members with a shared baseline understanding of air quality impacts and information. Dr Andrea Hinwood, EPA's Chief Environmental Scientist, gave a presentation to that effect. The second half of the meeting was used to plan the forward agenda for Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group for the remainder of its term.

Minutes - Meeting 2 (PDF, 166.3 KB)

Minutes - Meeting 2 - Word Document (DOCX, 59.1 KB)

Meeting 3: 18 March 2019

This meeting focused on diesel emissions. Clare Walter, PhD student and honorary research fellow with the Lung Health Research Centre, presented on the health impacts of diesel particulates. Greg Cain, from the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), gave a presentation on VTA initiatives in the inner west, and Malcolm Brown, from Volvo, presented technical information on diesel truck engines.

Minutes - Meeting 3 (PDF, 169.1 KB)

Minutes - Meeting 3 - Word Document (DOCX, 60.6 KB)

Meeting 4: 29 April 2019

This meeting focused on the regulation of industry in the inner west of Melbourne. Presentations were given by the Environment Protection Authority CEO, Dr Cathy Wilkinson, Executive Director, Tim Eaton, and Regional Manager, Daniel Hunt.

Minutes - Meeting 4 (PDF, 184.9 KB)

Minutes - Meeting 4 - Word Document (DOCX, 58.9 KB)

Meeting 5: 13 May 2019

This meeting focused on the Air Quality Strategy currently being developed by DELWP, with guest speakers Kyle Garland and Katherine Evans. The meeting also had considerable discussion of the methodology for writing the final report.

Minutes - Meeting 5 (PDF, 188.0 KB)

Minutes - Meeting 5 - Word Document (DOCX, 59.1 KB)

Meeting 6: 3 June 2019

This meeting focused on planning the final report of the CRG. The group looked at a draft table of contents, timelines, and an approval process for drafted chapters.

Minutes - Meeting 6 (PDF, 172.8 KB)

Minutes - Meeting 6 - Word Document (DOCX, 56.6 KB)

Meeting 7: 24 June 2019 (scheduled)

This meeting will focus on the West Gate Tunnel Project and tunnel filtration. The group will also continue thinking about the report writing methodology, discuss the first drafted chapter, and consider further prioritisation criteria for recommendations.

Minutes will be available 10 working days following the date of the meeting.

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