NatureKit is DELWP's biodiversity web mapping and reporting tool that has been developed to replace Biodiversity Interactive Map (BIM).

NatureKit displays information on Victoria's:

  • Biodiversity values
  • Investment prospects
  • Flora and fauna distribution
  • Native vegetation
  • Marine bathymetry and habitat
  • Disturbance
  • Land administration and classification

Launch NatureKit

NatureKit allows you to zoom in and out, pan around the map, identify features, perform queries, generate reports, and create printable pdf maps or images.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get help using the different functions within NatureKit?

The first set of help videos have been added to the "Help and About" toolbar in NatureKit. These will be expanded over time to cover additional themes and tasks.

How can I get more information about the data layers within NatureKit?

Users can click on the map to see layer attributes and additional information (where it is available). Legends can be viewed by clicking on the legend icon next to the layer name.

Why was BIM replaced?

Biodiversity Interactive Map was decommissioned in July 2017, as it was dependent on obsolete software and IT infrastructure that could no longer be supported by DELWP.

Why aren't all the layers from BIM in NatureKit?

Several map layers that were included in BIM are now obsolete and have been omitted from the early versions of NatureKit. The layers available in NatureKit will continue to evolve over time as DELWP refines the biodiversity datasets that are most appropriate for decision support.

What type of web browser can I use with NatureKit?

NatureKit is built using HTML5 standards and technology, and can be used in the later versions of most web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Why can't I zoom to the same scales as I could in BIM?

NatureKit, like many contemporary web mapping systems, utilises cached base maps to improve performance. These base maps consist of image tiles that are only built for certain scales. NatureKit maps can be viewed at fixed scales between 1:8,000,000 and 1:800.

Page last updated: 11/02/20