Accessing NVR Map

The NVR Map webpage can be accessed via the link below.

Access NVR Map

From this page, users can select to use the following NVR Map tools:

Native Vegetation Offset Tool

The native vegetation offset tool is used to generate a Native Vegetation Offset Report, which is required to establish a first-party general offset site. This specific type of offset can only be secured on a permit holder’s own property to meet their own general offset requirements. The DEECA Native Vegetation offsets webpage outlines the process required for establishing a third-party offset site and first-party offset site for species offset requirements.

Native Vegetation Removal Tool

The native vegetation removal tool is used to generate a Native Vegetation Removal Report, which is required to support an application for approval to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation. The tool will determine the applicable Assessment Pathway and generate a report for proposals in the Basic or Intermediate Assessment Pathway. The Applicant’s Guide outlines the process required for proposals in the Detailed Assessment Pathway.

User Guide Videos

The NVR Map webpage contains links to useful information, including a User Guide document. The videos below provide an overview on how to use the Native Vegetation Offset Tool and Native Vegetation Removal Tool.

Native Vegetation Offset Tool Video

Native Vegetation Removal Tool Video

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