The Strengthening Local Government Partnerships grants are part of the Victorian Government’s record investment since the 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires to reduce the risk of bushfires in a rapidly changing climate and build local government capability and capacity to undertake its emergency management responsibilities.

The grants aim to support and strengthen partnerships between local government authorities, fire and land management agencies, and communities to reduce bushfire risk. We recognise that local government is uniquely placed to make these connections.

Information session

An online information session will be held on Monday 12 February 2024, 10:30 – 11:30am. For more information and to attend this session, register your details via Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

Grant guidelines

View the Strengthening local government partnerships grant application guide (PDF, 469.2 KB) in full.

What are the objectives of the grants?

  • Foster a collaborative, multi-partner approach to bushfire risk reduction and building community resilience
  • Support local government authorities to take a place-based, community-centred approach to building community resilience to bushfires
  • Provide resources, support and connections to increase capacity and capability of local government authorities
  • Facilitate sharing and learning across local government authorities and partners across the state


Who can apply?

Local government authorities looking to adopt a collaborative, community-centred approach to reducing bushfire risk and building community resilience.


Grants of up to $150,000 per financial year, per local government, are available to successful applicants.

Grants of up to 24 months are available.

What types of projects will we fund?

Grant funding can be viewed as seed funding to develop new ideas, or additional funding to add value, extend, or build capability for existing projects.

Examples of projects that may receive funding are those that aim to:

  • Engage with communities within one or across several areas on bushfire risk reduction approaches
  • strengthen partnerships between fire agencies and/or other organisations to work with communities
  • encourage collaboration between two or more local governments in bushfire risk areas
  • increase community participation in bushfire risk reduction activities
  • identify connections or support links between emergency management and community-based approaches
  • support local bushfire risk reduction activities
  • support understanding the effects of these activities on communities, businesses and the environment
  • encourage or support knowledge sharing and connection across other local government authorities and communities.

What are the assessment criteria?

Each application will be assessed against the following criteria:

Evidence required: Applicants must demonstrateCriterion
  • A detailed outline of what and how the funding will be used, including the proposed benefits for the community.
  • Considerations for the delivery and sustainability of the project beyond the life of the grant funding.



  • Why the project is important to the local community and local government area.
  • What gap will be met by the project, or how the project will enhance or add value to activities already in place within the local government area.
  • Why the external funding applied for is important to the delivery of this project at this time.



  • Who was collaborated with in the development of the application. This could include collaboration with other local government authorities, fire and land management agencies and/or communities.
  • Approach to working collaboratively with other local government authorities, fire and land management agencies, and/or communities in building resilience and reducing bushfire risk.



  • A community-centred approach within the project’s design and delivery.
  • How the project strengthens partnerships with communities, fire and land management agencies, and/or local government authorities in the spirit of shared responsibility.
  • Sufficient capacity within the local government authority to deliver the project, including the necessary capabilities and resources such as staff, time, skills, and leadership support.



How to apply

Apply for a grant/start a new application

Complete the application form by the closing date and attach any relevant documentation.

To return to a previously started application: https://delwp1.force.com/

More information

For guideline queries, please email: Safer.Together@delwp.vic.gov.au

For technical queries, please email: grantsinfo@delwp.vic.gov.au


Applications open

5 February 2024

Information session (register)

12 February 2024

Applications closed

2 April 2024

Applicants notified

May 2024

Funding agreements executed

June 2024

Application documents

Strengthening local government partnerships grant application guide (PDF, 469.2 KB)