DELWP has comprehensively engaged with the Victorian community to gather views and ideas that helped inform the proposed changes to the regulations. These changes have also been informed by a specialist stakeholder reference group.

The regulations have been designed to provide for better consideration of important biodiversity values in decision making. This includes key habitats for dispersed rare or threatened species, large trees, endangered Ecological Vegetation Classes, and sensitive wetlands and coastal areas.

Changes will also result in fairer offset obligations for removal of scattered trees, by acknowledging the greater habitat values of large trees, and reducing the offset requirements for smaller trees.

The function of the regulatory system will be improved to provide greater transparency. This includes improved monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the regulations, and the formation of a native vegetation regulations advisory group to support DELWP in the development and implementation of a program of ongoing improvements.

The review outcomes will be delivered through:

Timeline phase 3

In December 2016, the government released the proposed amendments to the VPP, including a new incorporated document – the draft Native Vegetation Clearing - assessment guidelines (PDF, 1004.9 KB) – for public consideration and comment.

The submission period on the proposed changes to the regulations closed on 8 March 2017.

We thank everyone who made a submission. DELWP received 192 submissions on the proposed changes to the regulations.

Where consent has been given, submissions have been published on the EngageVictoria project webpage.

What’s happening now?

All comments are now being considered in preparing the final changes to the regulations, to be introduced through changes to all Victorian planning schemes later in 2017.

For more information about the review, please visit the Engage Victoria website, or contact the review team directly on

Document library

Review of the native vegetation permitted clearing regulations – Terms of Reference (DELWP 2015) (PDF, 151.0 KB)

Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations – Consultation Paper (DELWP 2016) (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations – outcomes report (DELWP 2016) (PDF, 698.7 KB)

Native vegetation clearing – assessment guidelines (DRAFT) (DELWP 2016) (PDF, 1004.9 KB)

Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations – proposed changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions (DELWP 2016) (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Review of the native vegetation clearing regulations – consultation, submissions and response information sheet (DELWP 2016) (PDF, 698.8 KB)