Money and volunteers

Information volunteer organisations need to know when applying for grants or looking to improve and manage their project finances.

How does auspice work?

An auspice arrangement is when a larger organisation assists a smaller organisation to fund a grant activity or event. The larger organisation is known as the auspice organisation. Your community group or organisation is known as the grant recipient.

Auspicing Guide – Not for profit law

This guide is designed to highlight the key issues that volunteer groups requiring auspicing and groups offering auspicing should consider before entering an auspicing agreement.

Volunteers And tax – Volunteering Australia

Australian Tax office (ATO) guide to tax and remuneration information.

Multicultural grants auspice and partnership applications - Victorian Government

Information organisations need to know when applying for a multicultural grant under an auspice or partnership arrangement.

Basic Finances Bendigo – Volunteer Resource Centre

Financial viability and governance are essential for your volunteer group. Use these fact sheets to gain a better understanding your group’s finances.

Grant Resources – The Grants Hub

An essential collection of grant resources including application tips, turning ideas into projects, budget development, and relationship building.

Page last updated: 05/12/22