The BushBank program is addressing climate change and supporting biodiversity as it restores more than 20,000 hectares of land across Victoria. This ground-breaking program involves the planting of millions of native trees and shrubs to pull carbon from the air and create healthy habitat for Victorian wildlife.

For further information visit the BushBank website.

Deer Control Program

The Victorian Deer Control Program aims to reduce the impact of wild deer on biodiversity, water quality, public safety, agricultural assets, and Aboriginal cultural heritage.

To achieve these key objectives, we are working with and supporting key stakeholders to help undertake an integrated program which will deliver over 150,000 hectares of herbivore control annually to the contributing targets in Protecting Victoria's Environment - Biodiversity 2037.

For further information visit the Deer Control Program website.

Faunal Emblems Program

The Faunal Emblems Program is helping to improve the long-term sustainability of the Leadbeater’s Possum and the Helmeted Honeyeater in the wild.

The Victorian State Government has invested $6 million since 2018 for a range of targeted actions that will assist populations directly, as well as protecting and restoring crucial habitat.

For further information, visit the Faunal Emblems website.

Icon Species

The Victorian Government’s Icon Species Funding Program focuses on protecting and managing a range of native plants and animals, threatened species and habitats through collaborative planning, increased engagement and alignment of natural resources, scientific, educational and community sectors.

Through this program and our Faunal Emblems Program, we are providing funds for targeted actions designed to protect and conserve Victoria’s threatened species. Over $10.6 million has been provided by DEECA to support intensive management actions for 22 icon species being delivered in collaboration with species’ recovery teams. In 2022-23, $1 million of funding was awarded across the state to support the ongoing protection of icon species.

For further information, visit the Icon Species website.

Marine Environment

Targeted funding is provided for projects in the marine environment, building on the work completed in the initial Biodiversity Response Planning marine and coastal area.

In 2021–2023, $1.6 million has been allocated to marine projects to manage threats to the marine environment, fund restoration of key marine and wetland habitats. The projects will benefit a range of species including threatened species, provide blue carbon sequestration and benefits to fisheries.

Nature Fund

The Nature Fund has been established to encourage collaboration and partnerships between government, business, philanthropy and the community to deliver high impact projects that contribute to improving Victoria’s biodiversity.

The Victorian Government has invested $10 million to establish the Nature Fund to support projects that will make a significant difference to the outcomes for biodiversity and threatened species in Victoria.

For further information, visit the Nature Fund website.

Peri-urban Weed Management Partnerships Program

The Peri-urban Weed Management Partnerships (PWMP) program is a collaborative initiative between state and local governments. It is aimed at safeguarding native plant and animal species from invasive weeds in the peri-urban fringe area of Melbourne. With a funding allocation of $4 million until June 2025, the program supports a total of 10 projects, including 6 recurrent and 4 new project initiatives.

Building upon the accomplishments and previous investments of the PWMP 2016-2021 initiative, the program focuses on identifying native habitats of significant environmental and community value on public land. Land managers, such as Councils and Parks Victoria, work closely with the community to prevent and reduce impacts of high-risk weeds in key council areas surrounding Melbourne.

For further information, visit the Peri-urban Weed Management Partnerships website.

Port Phillip Bay Fund

The Port Phillip Bay Fund is a grants program provided by the Victorian Government. It supports community groups, not-for profit organisations, schools, research institutes, councils and Traditional Owner groups to protect and enhance the Bay’s natural environment.

For further information, visit the Port Phillip Bay Fund website.

Protecting Biodiversity Program

The Protecting Biodiversity program is part of the Victorian Government’s ongoing investment to support the implementation of Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037.

To reduce the impacts of pest herbivores, pest predators and invasive weeds at priority locations across the state, $32 million is being invested to June 2025 in 36 large scale projects where invasive species management will have the most benefit for the greatest number of native species.

A further $2.8 million is also supporting Trust for Nature’s Iconic Estates program, covenanting private land with high biodiversity values across Victoria. This program contributes to the permanent protection target in Biodiversity 2037 and supports self-determination aspirations of Traditional Owners by engaging and collaborating with them about the values they would like to protect or restore on private land.

For further information, visit the Protecting Biodiversity website.

Traditional Owner Caring for Country grants

The Aboriginal Caring for Country Grants aim to support Traditional Owners’ rights on Country and drive Aboriginal self-determination by supporting Aboriginal communities to identify, understand and apply Aboriginal values and traditional ecological knowledge in the management of Country to enable healthy Country and healthy people.

These grants support the Department’s commitment to Aboriginal self-determination. Pupangarli Marnmarnepu ‘Owning Our Future’ is the Department’s roadmap to building a better future with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians, through systemic and structural change that fully supports Aboriginal decision-making, evaluation and talent building to inform its policy and projects.

Victorian Landcare Program

The Victorian Landcare Program provides supports Landcare in Victoria to strengthen and enable groups and networks across the State. Support includes funding Regional Landcare Coordinators and on-ground Landcare Facilitators who empower locals to act for their environment, the Victorian Landcare Grants program and the Victorian Landcare Awards.

For further information, visit the Victorian Landcare Program website.

Weeds and Pests on Public Land Program

The Weeds and Pests on Public Land (WPPL) program is taking action to protect Victoria’s nature through controlling invasive plants and animals across Victoria national parks and state forests. The program has been running since 2005 and invests over $3 million each year, with an additional $1 million provided each year by our key delivery partner Parks Victoria.

The program is working to achieve the vision of Biodiversity 2037, Victoria’s plan to ensure our natural environment is healthy and resilient.

For further information, visit the Weeds and Pests on Public Land website.

Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants

The Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants provides funding to support authorised wildlife shelters and foster carers.  Annual grants of up to $3,000 are available to authorised wildlife shelter operators and foster carers for equipment, infrastructure, consumables, education and training.

For further information, visit the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants website.

Previous Investment

Previous investment programs implementing Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037.

Biodiversity Response Planning was an area-based planning approach to biodiversity conservation in Victoria. It was designed to strengthen alignment, collaboration and participation between government agencies, Traditional Owners, non-government agencies (NGOs) and the community.

In 2018, projects were developed by interested stakeholders, including community members, within priority landscapes or themes determined by working groups. Projects were assessed on their ability to maximise net outcomes for biodiversity and make progress towards the state-wide targets associated with the Biodiversity 2037 goal of ‘Victoria’s natural environment is healthy’.

Eighty-five new projects for on-ground biodiversity action worth $36 million, and four new projects for Marine Environment Targeted Action worth $1.1 million were funded through Biodiversity Response Planning, delivering through to 2022.

These projects were part of the initial $86.3 million investment to implement Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037 over the first four years of the plan.

For more information on the 2018 BRP projects click here.

The Community and Volunteer Action grants have supported biodiversity protection and recovery actions since 2017. Projects included protecting, improving and expanding habitat for our native plants and animals.

Grants totalling over $8.42 million have been allocated to 273 projects across Victoria. Successful projects received up to $50,000 each and ranged from one to three years in duration.

Community and Volunteer Action Grants projects

Announced in May 2017, $7.7 million was granted to 26 large-scale regional projects.

Regional hubs involve agencies and organisations working together in large-scale projects to address threats to a range of important native species in priority areas across the state.

Projects include removal of woody weeds and other pest plants; rabbit, fox and feral animal control; implementation of protection measures such as fencing from overgrazing; and selective fire management and habitat restoration.

Over $1 million has also been allocated to deliver urgent activities. Eight projects were announced in 2016 and ten projects in 2017.

Regional Biodiversity Hub projects

$4.7 million funded 67 projects that included the coordination of large-scale projects targeting management activities at significant sites to protect threatened species, and research applied to better understand and conserve native flora and fauna.

The projects included restoration works, environmental ecological burning by Traditional Owners, targeted threatened species recovery, and coordinated pest, animal and weed control.

Regional Landscapes and Targeted Action projects

The Bushfire Biodiversity Response and Recovery program delivered activities to support the recovery of Victoria's bushfire impacted wildlife and biodiversity after the 2019-20 bushfires. The program ran from 2020 to 2023 and was supported by $54.5 million from the Victorian Government and $15 million from the Australian Government.

Bushfire Biodiversity Response and Recovery program

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