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Kings Billabong near Mildura - Darryl Whitaker

The Victorian Government is investing $32 million to June 2025 to reduce the impacts of pest herbivores, pest predators and invasive weeds at priority locations across the state. Invasive species are a key threat to Victoria’s unique native flora and fauna, contributing to their decline. Acting to reduce this threat also increases the resilience of native plants and animals to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The Protecting Biodiversity program is funding large scale projects where invasive species management will have the most benefit for the greatest number of native species.

This builds on work already underway in some of Victoria’s most iconic landscapes including the Mallee in the northwest of the state, to the Otways and Grampians in the west, at Wilson’s Promontory in the south and in Victoria’s Alps and rugged East Gippsland. The work is critical to improve the outlook for many threatened species and communities, some of which include:

Several projects are led or co-led by Traditional Owner groups. Neds Corner in the state’s northwest is a great example where the First Peoples of the Millewa Mallee are using this investment to heal Country in preparation for the largest hand back of land to Traditional Owners in Victoria’s history.

A further $2.8 million is also supporting Trust for Nature’s Iconic Estates program, which works statewide with private landholders seeking permanent protection through covenanting of their properties with high biodiversity values.

The Protecting Biodiversity program is part of the Victorian Government’s ongoing investment to support the implementation of Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037.   It is one of a suite of programs funding actions to support biodiversity and threatened species.

Map of Victoria with icons showing areas of invasive species control in key landscapes. The map illustrates the information provided in the table below.

Protecting Biodiversity in Key Landscapes - invasive species control across Victoria


Native species benefiting (examples)

Invasive species targeted

Lead delivery organisations

Alps & northern highlands

Long-footed Potoroo, Broad-toothed Rat, Eastern Wallaroo, Spot-tailed Quoll, Mt Pilot Spider Orchid, Crimson Spider Orchid, Warby Range Swamp Gum, Alpine peatlands.

Feral pigs

Parks Victoria,


Feral horses, weeds

Parks Victoria


Parks Victoria, DEECA Gippsland



Barmah & surrounds

Threatened Ecological Vegetation Classes including Sand Ridge Woodland and Floodplain Grassy Wetland

Feral goats, feral pigs, weeds

Parks Victoria


Internationally important migratory bird species, Southern Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby, Giant Burrowing Frog, Greater Glider and Yellow-bellied Glider, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Spot-tailed Quoll, Leafless Tongue Orchid, Limestone Blue Wattle, FFG listed rainforest communities

Feral horses

Parks Victoria

Deer, foxes, feral cats, weeds

Parks Victoria, DEECA Gippsland

Feral pigs

Parks Victoria, DEECA State-wide Invasive Species Program


Heath Mouse, Striped worm Lizard, South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Coastal Leek-orchid, Limestone Ridge Spider-orchid, Manna gum woodlands


DEECA Barwon South West

Feral pigs, feral goats

DEECA Barwon South West, Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Corporation


Parks Victoria, DEECA Barwon South West, Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Corporation


Grampians Duck-orchid, Grassy Woodland, Heath Mouse

Deer, feral goats, weeds

Parks Victoria


Mallee Emu-wren, Mallee fowl, Murray-Darling Carpet Python, Bandy-bandy, Growling grass frog, Saltbush Striped Skink, Kneed Swainson-pea, Nealie Umbrella Wattle, Murray Short necked turtle

Feral goats, feral pigs

Parks Victoria, Mallee Catchment Management Authority

Rabbits, foxes, weeds

Parks Victoria, Mallee Catchment Management Authority, First People of the Millewa Mallee Aboriginal Corporation

Feral cats

Mallee Catchment Management Authority, First People of the Millewa Mallee Aboriginal Corporation

Melbourne & surrounds

White-footed Dunnart, Coastal Moonah Woodlands, French Island Spider Orchid, Common Spider Orchid


Parks Victoria

Northern Plains & Mid-Murray

EPBC & FFG-listed threatened grassland and woodland communities, Plains-wanderer, Spiny Rice-flower; Cultural values such as cooking mounds and scar trees


Dja Dja Wurrung Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as Djandak


Southern Brown Bandicoot, Long-nosed Potoroo, Metallic Sun-orchid, Anglesea Grevillea, Swamp Antechinus

Foxes, feral pigs, weeds

Parks Victoria

Wilsons Promontory

New Holland Mouse, Eastern Bristlebird, Late Helmet Orchid

Feral cats, deer, foxes, weeds

Parks Victoria



Permanent Protection

Trust for Nature

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