The Coastcare Victoria Community Grants program supports community organisations to protect and enhance the coastal and near-shore marine environment.

The 2021 grants program is funded by the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Fund and the Victorian Great Outdoors Initiative, which seek to build community capacity, support community adaptation and improve ecosystem resilience to climate change.

The 2021 Grants Program aims to support the three pillars in the Coastcare Victoria Strategy 2021-2026, (PDF, 1.8 MB) including,

  • Marine and Coastal Stewardship - conservation, rehabilitation, restoration and preventative actions for Victoria’s coastal and marine ecosystems.
  • Thriving Marine and Coastal Community Groups and Networks - supporting community organisations to diversify, plan for the future and be responsive to change.
  • Victorians Valuing the Coast - supporting community participation, engagement and education to enhance community knowledge and understanding of coastal and marine management.


The Victorian government is providing funding up to $647,000 for the 2021 Coastcare Victoria Community Grants program.

This year, there are two types of grants available:

  • Small grants of up to $5,000.
  • Large grants from $5,000 up to $30,000 for larger projects.

Projects will fit into one of three streams on offer including:

  • Stewardship and Education.
  • Strengthening our Volunteer Groups.
  • Supporting Traditional Owner Self-Determination.


The following community groups and organisations with a focus on marine and coastal environs are eligible for funding:

  • Coastcare Victoria groups
  • Aboriginal groups and organisations, land councils, trusts and co-operatives working on-country
  • Landcare groups
  • ‘Friends of’ groups
  • Field naturalist groups
  • Coastal Committees of Management
  • Non-government community organisations
  • Community service organisations and clubs
  • Educational institutions including schools and universities (recommended to partner with local coastal volunteer group).

To be eligible for funding applicants must be:

  • an incorporated association registered through Consumer Affairs Victoria or be incorporated through an umbrella group such as Landcare Victoria Inc. or
  • registered as a not-for-profit organisation with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) or
  • coastal Committee of Management incorporated under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978


  • hold sufficient insurance to safeguard volunteers and participants involved in the funded activities, including public liability insurance of at least $10 million and personal accident insurance.

Groups and networks that do not meet the above requirements can still apply for funding but must operate under the auspices of a sponsor organisation. You will be required to supply written approval (such as supporting letter) from your auspice (sponsor) as part of your application.


Applications open

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Applications close

Wednesday 23 June 2021, 5pm

Successful applicants notified

Mid-September 2021

Agreements signed (milestone 1) and payments made

September 2021

Job Safety Plan due (milestone 2)

December 2021

Final report due (milestone 3) and project completed

June 2022 (short projects), June 2023 (long projects)

Guidelines and other documents

Coastcare Victoria Facilitator Contacts

Far South West

Ellie Morrow

Phone: 0436 284 073

Email:  ellie.morrow@delwp.vic.gov.au

Bellarine and Surf Coast

Port Phillip Bay and Westernport

Phillip Wierzbowski

Phone: 0411 409 815

Email: phillip.wierzbowski@delwp.vic.gov.au

South Gippsland

Tracey Miller-Armstrong

Phone: 0427 441 013

Email: tracey.miller-armstrong@delwp.vic.gov.au

East Gippsland

Bethany Hunting

Phone: 0436 629 941

Email: bethany.hunting@delwp.vic.gov.au

Coastcare Community Grants recipients

2020 Coastcare Victoria Community Grants recipients

In 2020, 24 grants worth a total of  $492,299.10 have been awarded through the 2020 Coastcare Victoria Community Grants program.  The program has provided up to $30,000 to community groups and educational institutions to conserve, restore and rehabilitate Victoria’s coastal and marine environments and strengthen marine and coastal volunteer groups.

The Coastcare Victoria Community Grants Program funds community projects in coastal areas to support community adaptation and improve ecosystem resilience to climate change.

Congratulations to all recipients.  The volume and quality of applications received highlights the commitment, innovation and passion shown by coastal volunteer groups to make lasting improvements to our coastline.

Category 1: Stewardship and Education
To build community capacity, support community adaptation and improve ecosystem resilience to climate change through actions which:
  • Conserve, rehabilitate, restore and protect Victoria’s coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Support community participation, engagement and education to enhance community knowledge and understanding of coastal and marine management in the face of climate change
Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation

Convincing Ground restoration project

Restoration of a tract of land that was Traditionally the clan lands of the Kilcarrer Gunditj where a Convincing Ground massacre took place following conflict with whalers.  Restoring the health of the land by removing rubbish, identifying possible cultural heritage sites, invasive weed removal and revegetation.  “The project will get our mob on Country…to educate ourselves and the wider community…the area needs to be healed and this can only be done by us”.

Mornington Environment Association and subgroup Friends of Mills Beach

Coastal Woodland Rehabilitation - Red Bluff and Mills Beach

Continue the rehabilitation of important coastal woodland along one of Mornington's most popular foreshore areas through maintenance, weed control, re-establishing native habitat, education and engagement and increasing pride in the local environment through interpretive signage.

Phillip Island Landcare Group

Phillip Island Coastcare Blitz - Collaboration, engagement, training and action

Bringing together Coastcare and Coast Action groups across Phillip Island in collaboration with Phillip Island Nature Parks, Bass Coast Shire Council and Phillip Island Landcare Group to inspire, engage, educate and facilitate community working bees along the coast.

Australian Marine Mammals Conservation Foundation

Marine Mammals Connecting Communities

Expanding the unique community education program, Marine Litter Project, with public awareness events to create greater understanding of local marine environmental values, demonstrating how we can all make positive differences. Travelling along the coast with the interactive ‘BurraVan’ display trailer.

Birdlife Australia

Birds n Bickies: Communities Conserving Migratory Shorebirds

Shorebird Monitoring citizen science program that raises awareness of shorebirds and their habitat and encourages the community to participate in gathering information needed to conserve shorebirds across Victoria.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation

Let’s Strain The Drains – Warrnambool

The first stormwater debris monitoring project in Warrnambool (just the second in Victoria) builds on existing local beach clean-up data by analysing stormwater drain data to help identify the source of litter on beaches and reduce litter at the source.

Ocean Grove Coastcare Group

Bin the Butt

A pilot project in collaboration with Barwon Coast Committee of Management and the City of Greater Geelong to address over-representation of cigarette butt litter along the Ocean Grove coastline.  Combines installation and monitoring of cigarette butt bins, distribution of personal butt bins and community awareness/education activities.

Friends of the Hooded Plover (Mornington Peninsula) Inc

Avoiding a murder: training ravens to leave beach-nesting birds alone

Investigating a non-lethal raven management technique widely used in the northern hemisphere by conditioning taste aversion through exposure to treated artificial eggs to advance beach-nesting bird conservation efforts across coastal Victoria.

Friends of Beleura Cliff Path

Re-vegetation of Beleura Cliff Path - Stage three

Achieving a dense strip of deep-rooted, long lived indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses down the length of Beleura path using indigenous seed-bombs.

Lake Tyers Coast Action Inc

Living Bung Yarnda: water quality monitoring and knowledge sharing at Lake Tyers

Establishing a citizen science water quality monitoring program in Bung Yarnda (Lake Tyers) East Gippsland. incorporating different ways of seeing and knowing place across cultures and generations through the collection of stories, anecdotes, photographs and artworks and assisting in the ongoing management of the lake.

Bass Valley Landcare Group

Multi-faceted Mangrove Management in the Bass Valley

Combining environmental research and monitoring with direct on-ground action to achieve the most effective results for restoration of Mangrove Shrubland EVC in the Bass Valley.

RMIT University

Litter Trackers - 'Burbs to the Bay

Releasing GPS tracked bottles into suburban waterways to track the journey of litter from catchments to coasts.  Educating communities and school children about the life of litter and gathering reliable, scientifically relevant data about litter depositional zones and transport rates.

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Care

Fostering our future with Blue Carbon: A local approach

Developing a blue carbon program to increase understanding and local conservation of blue carbon systems (Mangroves, seagrass and saltmarsh) within the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary through partnership with Parks Victoria, Deakin University, Blue Carbon Lab, Hobsons Bay Wetland Centre, Mangrove Watch, Victorian National Parks Association, and Friends of Williamstown Wetlands.

Friends of the Prom

Restore Hooded Plover Habitat at Picnic Bay

Extending the successful Squeaky Beach sea spurge eradication and Hooded Plover habitat restoration to Picnic Bay through chemical spraying and volunteer hand-weeding.

Swinburne University of Technology

Healthy Rivers, Healthy Bay: Western Port

Raising community awareness within four Local Government Areas surrounding Western Port to instil a sense of ownership and environmental stewardship through student workshops and citizen science activities (water quality monitoring and litter surveys) and conserving and enhancing 70Ha of catchment and coastal areas.

South West Environmental Education Inc

Fawthrop Lagoon Restoration and Revegetation Project

Tackling environmental issues impacting on the integrity of the Lagoon Project area and its estuarine environs with a community driven program of working bees and planting days.  Fish and other fauna within the Lagoon will benefit from the restored riparian zone and improved water quality.

French Island Landcare Group Inc

Habitat rehabilitation on French Islands south coast

Restoring native vegetation with weed control and replanting indigenous species, extending previously restored areas.

Rhyll Coast Action Inc

The Blue Periwinkle Project

Rehabilitating and conserving an otherwise relatively healthy part of the southern Rhyll coastline by controlling a large infestation of Blue Periwinkle.

Australian Plants Society - Warrnambool & District Group

Plants of the Great South West Third Edition

Production and Printing of a third edition of the popular book "Plants of the Great South West" which contains photographs and full descriptions of plants in south west Victoria.  The new edition will include 116 extra species and in total 130 rare and endangered plants along with over 50 environmental weeds.

Category 2: Strengthening Our Volunteer Groups (marine and coastal volunteering)

To build community capacity and support community adaptation to climate change through actions which:

  • Expand, diversify and increase inclusivity of volunteer bases (e.g. encourage participation of volunteers from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, abilities and youth)
  • “Reimagine volunteering” to attract more/ different volunteers e.g. flexible, casual, event-based or short term volunteering
  • Improve volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Succession planning for your group

Port Phillip EcoCentre

Multicultural Bay Ambassadors and Multifaith Coastcare

Engaging culturally and linguistically diverse communities who may face language or logistical barriers to joining Coastcare activities including introduction to marine and coastal volunteering, multilingual animations and field training internships to four Multicultural Bay Ambassadors.

Balcombe Estuary Reserves Group Mt Martha

Moving Forward - Building BERG Mt Martha's Capacity to Grow

Succession planning and mentoring the next wave of volunteer leaders to improve the capacity of individuals and the organisation to be innovative using the Look Outwards, Not Inwards (LONI) approach.

South Gippsland Conservation Society Incorporated (SGCS)

SGCS renewal - planning for the future

Engaging consultants to support SGCS to review its current position and develop a written plan for moving forward. The Society is a significant resource, supporting conservation in the region and desperately needs to refresh both its vision, its management and its membership in order to continue to fulfil this role.

The Sanctuary Mallacoota Youth Group and Friends of Mallacoota

Wilderness Coast Project - Sanctuary Youth Group and Friends of Mallacoota

Increase and enrich the understanding, interest and connection that young people have to the unique SE Victorian coastline through on-ground land management activities and mentorships and maintaining community spirit as locals continue to heal following the recent bushfires.

Bellarine Catchment Network

Blue Volunteers: towards an active, diverse and resilient Coastcare community

Expand and diversify coastal volunteer base by pioneering innovative methods and new partnerships with scouts, Aboriginal groups, multicultural organisations and more.  Projects will development resources and activities to assist youth and people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to increase their engagement and on-ground action in coastal and marine environments.

2019 Coastcare Victoria Community Grants recipients

Beach Patrol 3280Stop the POP (Plastic Ocean Pollution)
Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee of ManagementNorthern Bellarine Red-Capped Plover Community Education
Bellarine Catchment NetworkCreating our Future Coast-carers
Bellarine Landcare GroupCoastal and Inland Plants: Booklets for the Bellarine Peninsula
Earthcare St Kilda Inc.St Kilda Penguin Visitor App
East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management NetworkChinaman's Creek Rainforest Recovery
Frankston Beach Association Inc.Wells Street to Beach Street Foreshore Rehabilitation Project
Friends of Beware ReefImproving marine species video footage
Friends of Chinamans Creek Inc.Chinamans Swamp Skink Habitat Restoration Project
Friends of Earimil Bluff (MEAFEC)Protecting, extending and interpreting biodiverse botanical reference area Earimil Bluff
Friends of Flinders Coastline Inc.Coastal Flinders Restoration Project
Friends of MallacootaRehabilitate Gabo Island
Friends of the Prom Inc.Sea Spurge Removal Stage 2: Restoring Hooded Plover Habitat at Squeaky Beach
Friends of Williams Roade Beach (Mt. Eliza Association for Environmental Care)Furthering resilience at steep locations & enhancing site understanding of scouts, Mt. Eliza Foreshore
Gippsland Plains CMNEagle Point enhancement and education
Harmers Haven Residents & Ratepayers Group — Friends of Harmers HavenEradicating Cape Honey Flower at Harmers Haven
Harmers Haven Residents & Ratepayers Group — Friends of Harmers HavenContinuation of Successful Sea Spurge Control on Primary Dunes at Harmers Haven
Jan Juc Coast ActionCaring for Jan Juc's heathlands
Killarney Coastcare GroupBelfast Coastal Reserve Spring Planting 2019
Making a Difference for the Merri (MAD) Landcare groupWoollen Mill Riparian Restoration - Merri River
McCrae Homestead Coastal Group Inc.Protecting Coastal Banksia woodland and revegetating degraded spaces- McCrae foreshore
MESAC - Marine Education Science and Community Centre Inc.MESAC - Who are we and why are we important to our oceans and community?
NGSC Green Action ProjectThe Green Action Project/ North Geelong Secondary School
Safety Beach Foreshore Landscape Committee Inc.Coast Care Safety Beach 2019/20
South West Environmental Education Inc.Fawthrop Lagoon Restoration and Revegetation Project
Torquay Landcare Group Inc.Spring Creek our hidden jewel
Victorian National Parks AssociationGreat Victorian Fish Count
Victorian Wader Study Group Inc.Sustaining long-term studies of waders and terns in South East Australia
Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare NetworkThunder Point Coastal Reserve Conservation Project 2019

Application tips, ideas and inspiration

Video: Grant application tips (9:07) - watch here

Naomi Wells from Bellarine Catchment Network (BCN) shares the key elements of their successful 2019 Coastcare Victoria grant application.

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Video: Project ideas (9:30) - watch here

Port Phillip EcoCentre - Neil Blake and Reiko Yamada of the Port Phillip EcoCentre share some citizen sciene and community engagement projects from the past 10 years

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