What data is included?

For this first release, five datasets have been included in Victoria Unearthed. These datasets provide information about past businesses, potential contamination and EPA Environmental Audit considerations.

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Other information sources not in Victoria Unearthed

There are other sources of useful data which have not been included in this first release of Victoria Unearthed. More information will be added in future.

EPA's Priority Sites Register, updated monthly, contains information about sites where EPA has issued a cleanup notice pursuant to section 62A or a pollution abatement notice pursuant to section 31A or 31B (relevant to land and/or groundwater) of the Environment Protection Act 1970.

EPA: Priority Sites Register


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Victoria Unearthed disclaimer

Data can be downloaded from within the Victoria Unearthed interactive map by exporting the results from a search or the Identify tool  – see “How to export results” at How to Use Victoria Unearthed.

Full data files can also be downloaded for use in desktop GIS software:

The various datasets in Victoria Unearthed have different degrees of accuracy and reliability.

For example, the Historical Business Listings are a record of historical business locations in Victoria from the old Sands & McDougall directories. These directories have presented particular challenges regarding data accuracy as Victoria's street names and numbers may have changed drastically over the past century, and so has the way we record information.

The Victorian Landfill Register (VLR) was created by EPA in 2018. At its first release, the VLR dataset only included information about landfills that could be suitably verified at that time.

Environmental Audit Overlays, Groundwater Quality Restricted Use Zones (GQRUZs) and EPA Environmental Audits are a snapshot of information at a certain point in time and do not establish current contamination. Some GQRUZs that were applied between 2007 and 1 January 2014 may not have their corresponding environmental audit reports linked to them in Victoria Unearthed. This is because these reports were developed under a different system and are held manually by EPA.

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This depends on the dataset. EPA Environmental Audits, Environmental Audit Overlay and Groundwater Quality Restricted Use Zone information is updated on an ongoing basis. As information comes in, these datasets are updated and replicated to appear in Victoria Unearthed.

Victorian Landfill Register information will be updated progressively by the EPA over 2018-2019.

Information from the Historical Business Listings will also be updated over 2018-2019. This will include extra directories from other years.

Like most first releases of digital systems or software, Victoria Unearthed is starting small. We want to understand how people are using Victoria Unearthed and what other data you would like included so that we can provide meaningful updates.

Leave your feedback about Victoria Unearthed

The next stage of Victoria Unearthed is likely to include new datasets. User feedback on stage one will be used to help inform what these datasets should be.

Page last updated: 28/05/19