The preparation of action statements is a statutory requirement for all listed taxa, communities and Potentially Threatening Processes (PTPs). An action statement sets out what has been done in the past, and identifies potential future actions intended to conserve and manage a species, community or PTP.

Annual Action Statement Preparation List

We publish an annual list of species, communities and potentially threatening processes for which an action statement will be prepared.

View the 2023-24 Action Statement Preparation List (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Action statements

Discover how to access and download action statements for listed taxa, communities and Potentially Threatening Processes. To find an item use keywords to search or select an appropriate category in the drop-down lists.

Supporting delivery of action statements

The FFG Act emphasises the importance of cooperative approaches to biodiversity conservation, recognising that all government agencies and the community can participate in the conservation effort.

The Victorian Government invites Traditional Owners, government and non-government organisations, private and public land managers to work together to support the preparation and implementation of action statements. We welcome the inclusion of traditional knowledge, and culturally specific actions aligned with self-determination where Traditional Owner groups see fit for incorporation.

Get in touch through threatened.species@deeca.vic.gov.au so we can partner and collaborate to strengthen the delivery of our conservation management actions to support the vision for Victoria’s biodiversity to be healthy, valued and actively cared for.

Get involved and take action

If you are interested in supporting the recovery of threatened species and communities, or mitigating the impacts of Potentially Threatening Process, there are some important things to consider.

Traditional Owner engagement

Steps must be taken to avoid harm and where appropriate ensure actions can deliver cultural benefits. To identify the relevant Traditional Owners, use the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Register and Information System (ACHRIS) Welcome to Country and Acknowledgements Map.

Approvals and permits

Advice about required approvals can be obtained from the land manager. Please refer to the following website to access land manager information.

Research permits may be required to undertake research actions on public land.

Options and incentives for private land conservation

Options and incentives for private land conservation are available, please refer to the following websites for more information:

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