Improving compliance and enforcement with the native vegetation removal regulations

To ensure the native vegetation removal regulations achieve their objectives it is essential that they are effectively complied with. DELWP and its co-regulators are committed to improving compliance and enforcement of the native vegetation removal regulations.

The Compliance and enforcement strategy guides how compliance with the native vegetation removal regulation can be optimised using risk-based approaches. It discusses roles and responsibility, and includes a stepped-out approach to risk assessment, encouraging compliance and responding to non-compliance.

Compliance and enforcement strategy- Native vegetation removal regulations (PDF, 887.4 KB)

The Compliance and enforcement toolkit provides a summary of the statutory obligations regarding native vegetation removal and is to assist responsible authorities achieve outcomes consistent with the objectives of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Native Vegetation Regulations Compliance and Enforcement Toolkit (PDF, 1.1 MB)

For further information on compliance and enforcement, as well as insights into the functioning of the planning system under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, please refer to the guide titled Using Victoria's Planning System (PDF, 8.0 MB). This guide outlines the planning scheme amendment process and provides valuable insights into the planning permit application process and other associated procedures.

Planning for biodiversity protection and conversation

Planning for land use and development is an important tool in achieving biodiversity objectives.

This document provides guidance to local government and planning authorities on how they can use the planning system to protect and manage biodiversity, in order to achieve local and statewide objectives.

Planning for biodiversity – Guidance  (PDF, 956.8 KB)

Strategic plans for native vegetation removal regulations

There are some strategic plans that can be used when making an application to remove native vegetation in certain circumstances. Here are templates for these plans, which include explanation of how the plans are developed and used:

Preparing a Native Vegetation Precinct Plan  (PDF, 488.0 KB)

Property vegetation plan template - Native forest timber harvesting (PDF, 834.8 KB)

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