The management and use of private land is important for a range of environmental reasons including: biodiversity conservation, salinity control, maintenance of water quality, land protection, greenhouse and ecosystem connectivity.

The Victorian Government’s BushTender approach, initiated in 2001, aims at improving native vegetation management on private land that leads to improved environmental outcomes at both the local and catchment scale.

Under the tender approach, landholders competitively bid for government investment in return for providing improved biodiversity outcomes on their land.  Successful tenders are those that offer the best environmental value for money, with successful landholders receiving periodic payments for management activities under a five year agreement with the Victorian Government.

There is over three million hectares of native vegetation remaining on private land in Victoria. The management of native vegetation depends on the substantial efforts of private landholders. BushTender is one such approach that supports landholders in managing native vegetation that is above their current obligations and legislation.

The management of remnant native vegetation on private land is important because about 60 percent of this native vegetation is of high conservation significance (meaning endangered, vulnerable or depleted). About 29 percent of the remaining native vegetation on private land supports 30 per cent of Victoria’s threatened species populations.

The map below displays the areas BushTender has covered since its inception in 2001.

BushTender Map

Summary of BushTender projects (2001–2012)

Year(s)BushTender projectVictorian regionArea under agreement (Hectare)Gain accrual (HHa) over contract period
 2012BushTender Western Grassland ReservesWestern Grassland Reserve8814
 2011BushTender Avoca PlainsAvoca Plains2,481420
 2011BushTender Mega Murray 1West of Dimboola39573
 2011BushTender Mega Murray 2Mallee2,548438
 2011BushTender North EastNorth East1,880250
2011BushTender Central VictoriaCentral Victoria1,948214
2010BushTender Goulburn BrokenGoulburn Broken2,203390
2010BushTender North CentralCentral1,955300
2009BushTender Northern PlainsNorthern2,143547
2009BushTender North WestNorth West2,822375
2008BushTender South WestSouth West2,800395
2007-2008Targeted BushTenderNorthern Victoria7,1301,141
2006Southern Victoria BushTenderSouth West & West Gippsland2,011351
2003BushTender trial – GippslandGippsland1,684316
2001-2002BushTender trial - North East/North CentralNorth East & North Central3,163336
 Totals 35,2515,560

Habitat Hectare (HHa)= is defined as a site-based measure of quality and quantity of native vegetation that is assessed in the context of the relevant native vegetation type.

Tax concessions

BushTender is an approved Conservation Covenanting Program for the purposes of paragraph 31–5(5)(c) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

This is only applicable to sites that have been permanently protected through the BushTender program. Read more

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