About the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas

The Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (VBA) is a tool for everyone interested in species information across Victoria. Government agencies, environmental consultants, researchers and the public can use the information in the atlas to understand what animals and plants we have in the state and where live.

The VBA species observations are a foundation dataset that feeds into some of the many biodiversity tools and used in DELWP’s everyday decision making – showing where wildlife is now and how this has changed over time, this informs our monitoring, investment and planned burning activities as well as land use planning – so we can best utilise our resources to actively care for and protect Victorian Biodiversity. .

The VBA species observations are used in the NaturePrint tools. Contributing your observations to VBA is one of the main ways you can influence and help us refine our tools such as habitat distribution models.

To add your species observations to the VBA you first need to register and await your account activation email (may take up to 3 days).

The basic information needed to form a record is who identified the species, when this was (start date), where it was (either pinpoint on the map or upload GPS coordinates), how you observed the species e.g. incidental or during a targeted survey, and finally which species you observed. Download the VBA user guides that give you step by step instructions.

Contribute -  Create a project (PDF, 337.6 KB)

Contribute – Add a survey and species records to a project (PDF, 772.8 KB)

Currently you can upload your records directly into the VBA online tool or batch upload multiple records using our spreadsheet templates. Contact us to get the latest version of these templates at vba.help@delwp.vic.gov.au

Guest Users can query summary species information for any area of interest. Simply select an area of the state and search.

Search – Species distribution map (PDF, 423.4 KB)

Search – Summary species list for an area  (PDF, 397.9 KB)

Registered users can also access the detailed species reports with full record and location information for everything published in the VBA (with the exception of sensitive data for which an approximate site location is shown).

Search – Detailed statewide records for single species (PDF, 383.6 KB)

Search – Detailed species list for an area (PDF, 388.4 KB)

The data in the VBA comes from many different sources. Sometimes this will be the first time that you as a contributing user will see and query all your previous records. This is a great opportunity to check all your information.

Most common errors occur due to transcription mistakes resulting in the wrong location or species ID being used. Other errors occur with different common names, units of measurement, coordinate types or differing sets of assumptions between the contributors and data enterers.

If you find an error within your own data, you can edit it directly in the VBA by following the quick guides below

Contribute – Edit site details (PDF, 546.7 KB)

Contribute – Edit species records (PDF, 800.4 KB)

If you believe there is missing data or other errors that do not relate to your records, please email vba.help@delwp.vic.gov.au and quote the Survey ID (or General Observation ID), Taxon ID and a description of the error.

The VBA is not an identification tool

There are currently no images or species descriptions in the VBA. When you contribute a record we assume you have a good level of confidence in your identification. However to maintain data quality this is why all records are expertly reviewed before publication.

There are many species identification tools available online such as the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria VicFloraMuseums Victoria or the Australian Museum. Images of many Victorian plants and animals are available from the Atlas of Living Australia.

In addition, there are some very detailed identification websites for specific groups, such as the invertebrate guide What bug is that? and Birdlife Australia's Birds in backyards.