The Victorian Government has committed to release a Victorian Air Quality Strategy. It will:

  • Articulate clear, sustainable and cost effective policies and programs to ensure clean air for all Victorians
  • Empower Victorians to reduce air pollution and their exposure to it
  • Tackle emerging air quality challenges

Clean Air for All Victorians – Victoria’s Air Quality Statement kicked off engagement with Victorians about our priorities for future air quality management. It included ideas on what could be done to protect air quality over the coming decades.

Clean Air for All Victorians – Victoria’s Air Quality Statement (PDF, 6.3 MB)

Clean Air for All Victorians – Victoria’s Air Quality Statement (DOCX, 40.7 KB)

Formal submissions closed on 30 June 2018.

A summary of the ideas provided in submissions is also available (PDF, 428.4 KB).

Seventy-eight stakeholder submissions were received. Three submitters requested that their submission not be made publicly available. A further two requested anonymity.

Adam Menary (PDF, 3.8 MB)

Alex Wilkinson (PDF, 41.2 KB)

Amanda Pickett (PDF, 369.3 KB)

Andrew Martin (PDF, 356.0 KB)

Asthma Australia  (PDF, 246.7 KB)

Australian Energy Council (PDF, 553.1 KB)

Australian Home Heating Association (PDF, 575.6 KB)

Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (PDF, 732.5 KB)

Bronwyn Plarre (PDF, 360.6 KB)

CASANZ (PDF, 127.5 KB)

Casey Wright (PDF, 350.6 KB)

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (PDF, 380.2 KB)

Chris Taylor (PDF, 4.1 MB)

City of Port Phillip (PDF, 745.3 KB)

Colin Long (PDF, 349.4 KB)

Construction Material Processors Association Inc (PDF, 469.3 KB)

Daryl Scherger (PDF, 416.7 KB)

David Blair (PDF, 365.4 KB)

Deb Fosky (PDF, 352.5 KB)

Doctors for the Environment Australia (PDF, 162.3 KB)

Dougals Crosher (PDF, 868.0 KB)

Ellen Golla (PDF, 279.7 KB)

Emily Wraight (PDF, 357.6 KB)

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (PDF, 812.6 KB)

Environment Victoria (PDF, 499.6 KB)

Environmental Justice Australia (PDF, 518.3 KB)

Fiona Ewings (PDF, 602.6 KB)

Friends of the Earth (PDF, 165.1 KB)

Gabriel da Silva (PDF, 599.1 KB)

Gael Reid (PDF, 395.8 KB)

Glenn Boyd (PDF, 357.3 KB)

Goulburn Valley Water (PDF, 270.1 KB)

Greame Hammond (PDF, 88.8 KB)

Helen Hodgkins (PDF, 348.9 KB)

Jane Greacen (PDF, 357.4 KB)

Jennifer Williams (PDF, 322.1 KB)

Jill Maddox (PDF, 71.4 KB)

Jo McCubbin (PDF, 1.1 MB)

John Forrester (PDF, 655.8 KB)

John Gare (PDF, 364.4 KB)

Julie Mason (PDF, 364.4 KB)

Karena Goldfinch (PDF, 279.2 KB)

Kate Forster (PDF, 824.4 KB)

Lorraine Bull (PDF, 353.0 KB)

Lynn Dean (PDF, 411.5 KB)

Margaret Kennedy (PDF, 96.5 KB)

Maribyrnong Truck Action Group (PDF, 314.0 KB)

Maribyrnong City Council (PDF, 794.1 KB)

Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (PDF, 392.3 KB)

Maryanne Coffey (PDF, 361.0 KB)

Matilda Melis (PDF, 139.6 KB)

Megan Cartwright (PDF, 364.7 KB)

MEI, CAUL & CAR (PDF, 624.8 KB)

Melina Linardatos (PDF, 355.8 KB)

Michael Feller (PDF, 545.3 KB)

Michael Strickland (PDF, 349.1 KB)

Name withheld person A (PDF, 412.1 KB)

Name withheld person B (PDF, 510.0 KB)

Nillumbik Friends of the Great Forest (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Nina Kelly (PDF, 263.8 KB)

Olexandra Vazhnenko (PDF, 352.0 KB)

Our Children Our Schools (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Pauline Galvin (PDF, 26.9 KB)

Phillipa Noble (PDF, 349.6 KB)

Rob Phair (PDF, 541.6 KB)

Sarah McConnell (PDF, 354.8 KB)

Sheridan Blunt (PDF, 353.7 KB)

Singleton Shire Healthy Environment Group (PDF, 839.2 KB)

Sue Bendel (PDF, 220.5 KB)

Sue McKinnon (PDF, 137.2 KB)

The Australian Air Quality Group (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Tony O'Hara (PDF, 353.5 KB)

Victorian Clean Air Alliance (PDF, 81.5 KB)

Viva Energy (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Wild Darebin (PDF, 674.8 KB)

A Victorian Government Clean Air Summit was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 27 August 2018.

The summit brought over 160 Victorians together to further identify actions to improve air quality over the coming decade.

Complementary regional consultations were also organised for Ballarat (held on 20 September) and the Yarra Valley (held on 16 October).

Fact sheets

Participants received a suite of fact sheets that provided background information on key air quality management topics.

Clean Air Summit speaker presentations

Session 1a

Session 1b

Session 2a

Session 2b

Lunchtime session

  • Perspectives on future air quality management priorities – Nicola Rivers, Environmental Justice Australia

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