Information to assist volunteers to understand the elements of risk management and insurance

Insurance and risk

Groups should always consider the risks that arise from operating and interacting with others. Risks might involve volunteers, the public and members.

Your group may need to develop a risk-management strategy, which could include insurance as well as practical steps that can reduce risks.

It's important to include risk assessment as a standing agenda in your organisation.

When your group enters into new relationships or conducts new activities, make sure new risks are considered.

Assessing Insurance

Regardless of the location or type of activity your environmental community group undertakes it’s a good idea to spend some time considering risks. Specifically, the risks involved in the activities your group undertakes and what you can do to avoid or minimise them.

For most community groups insurance is an essential element of risk management and ensuring you’re covered for potential liability, loss or injury. Essentially, it is a way of managing risks that your group cannot avoid and is usually a requirement of grant makers.

There are many different kinds of insurance that addresses different risks. These include public liability, volunteer protection and asset insurance.

There are many insurance providers on the market with some dealing specifically with community groups.

Some organisations, such as Landcare Victoria Inc, provide umbrella cover under its own insurance package to its members groups.

It’s important for each group to understand their individual risk profile and to determine which insurance and which insurance provider will deliver suitable coverage

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A guide to understanding your community groups insurance and risk management with information on how to eliminate risks or minimise the chance of them occurring.

Page last updated: 19/09/23