Threatened List and Processes List

The Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (the FFG Act) provides for the listing of taxa (genera, species, subspecies and varieties), threatened communities of flora and fauna and potentially threatening processes.

There are 3 lists:

  • The Excluded List contains native flora and fauna taxa which are not to be conserved because they constitute a serious threat to human welfare (Note: the only item on this list is "human disease organisms")
  • The Threatened List contains taxa and communities of native flora and fauna which are threatened
  • The Processes List contains potentially threatening processes.

Over 730 species, communities and threats are currently listed under the Act.

Upcoming changes to the FFG Act Threatened list

Currently, Victoria has multiple lists of threatened species - those listed under the FFG Act, and non-statutory lists called the Victorian Threatened Species Advisory Lists.

Recent amendments to the FFG Act will remove duplication by establishing a single comprehensive list of threatened flora and fauna species. This will continue to be known as the FFG Act Threatened List. When the new comprehensive list comes into effect the Advisory lists will be revoked.

The Conservation Status Assessment project has overseen the task of ensuring every species of flora and fauna that is currently listed on the FFG Act Threatened List and the Advisory Lists (except those that are "poorly known" or "near threatened") has an assessment that is compliant with the common assessment method.

Once completed, these assessments will be open for public comment.

Threatened Communities and Potentially Threatening Processes have not been reassessed.

View or download the latest lists:

FFG Threatened List (PDF, 545.9 KB)
FFG Threatened List  (DOC, 158.0 KB)

FFG Processes List  (PDF, 78.4 KB)
FFG Processes List (DOC, 32.5 KB)

Preliminary recommendations of the SAC open for public comment

Preliminary recommendations inform the public of the SAC’s assessment of nominations and are open for public comment. The following recommendations arose from the Committee's meeting in July 2020. Submissions are open until 21 September 2020.

Final recommendations of the SAC

The following recommendations arose from the Committee's meeting in August 2019. Please note: PDF versions provided below are the official signed documents of the SAC.

Characteristics of Victorian threatened communities

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has produced a set of descriptions of Victorian threatened communities. The purpose of the descriptions is to help field recognition of the various communities of flora and fauna currently listed as 'threatened' under the FFG Act.

The descriptions are based on final recommendation reports produced by the SAC. They include the location of the community in Victoria and details of the plant and animal species that occur in each community.

Nominating a species, community or threatening process for listing

Members of the public or organisations can make nominations for the SAC to consider for listing. You may also nominate an already listed taxon for reassessment.

When the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) makes a recommendation regarding a nomination in accordance with the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (the Act), a report is prepared outlining that the nomination should either be supported or not be supported and a summary of the evidence supporting it. These reports form the basis for public submissions, in the case of preliminary recommendations, or for the Minister's decision, in the case of final recommendations.

More information on how to nominate is provided on the Nominating an item page.


The SAC is established under section 8 of the Act, and its functions are:

(a) to advise the Minister on the listing of taxa or communities of flora and fauna and potentially threatening processes;

(b) to advise the Minister on any other flora and fauna conservation matters.

The SAC consists of 7 to 9 scientists from government, education or private sector backgrounds appointed by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The majority are not Victorian Government employees.  All members are knowledgeable and experienced in flora or fauna conservation or ecology. The convenor of the SAC is a non-government scientist

Any person or organisation, including the SAC, can make a nomination for an item to be listed or removed from the list under the FFG Act. The SAC oversees a technical assessment of public nominations and agency proposed amendments, to determine if the item is eligible for listing. A preliminary recommendation is then published for public comments for 30 days. After this, the SAC makes a final recommendation to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change. The Minister will then make and publicise a decision. All decisions are made on nature conservation grounds.

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