The way people may come into contact with contamination and their level of exposure to a contaminant are important when understanding any health risks.

When buying or selling a property, conveyancers and lawyers undertake a range of due diligence checks to help inform both buyers and vendors.

When planning to renovate, sub-divide or change the use of land, the presence of potential contamination may require you to undertake additional activities. For example, when an Environmental Audit Overlay exists, an environmental audit would be required if the land is being developed for a sensitive use.

Property and contamination

Many different factors contribute to how an individual may be affected by contamination.

They include, for example, the type and concentration of the pollutant, how long someone was exposed to it and the status of someone’s general health to begin with.

Only suitably qualified medical professionals can advise how a particular contaminant may affect an individual’s health.

Health and contamination

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