Protecting Victoria's environment Biodiversity. 2037 is Victoria's 20 year plan to improve our natural environment so we can better use our resources and knowledge to deliver benefits to species and landscapes across Victoria.

Protecting Victoria's environment requires research to fill key knowledge gaps and to inform best practice. That's why the Victorian State government has developed the Biodiversity Knowledge Framework, a systematic approach for identifying knowledge gaps that when addressed will have the greatest impact.

The knowledge portal, the framework's interactive online tool can help you identify and prioritize key knowledge gaps for research in the portal. Knowledge gaps in different ecological scenarios are identified and ranked using a relative benefit of knowledge calculation to guide investment and research priorities.

Anyone can access the portal, but if you are a researcher developing a proposal or an organization investing in biodiversity management and research, then the knowledge portal is for you. If you'd like to contribute or you have questions, get in touch.

Let's work together to build a better future for Victoria's plants and animals.

Page last updated: 11/04/24