Risk ratings provide an indication of the level of threat posed by a weed. The Managing weeds: assess the risk guide is focused on the threat from weeds to biodiversity, particularly on public land.

Victorian environmental weed risk database

Some of the available risk ratings have been brought together in an Excel spreadsheet titled the Victorian environmental weed risk database. These include:

  • Victorian Weed Risk Assessments
  • Victorian environmental weed advisory lists

What do I do?

Use the database in conjunction with the Managing weeds: assess the risk guide

Download the Excel spreadsheet and go to the tab 'step by step' for some common uses and what to do next.

WESI Project - Victorian environmental weed risk database (Excel, 1.3 MB)

If no risk rating is available

If you are looking for the risk rating of a weed that has not been assessed in Victoria, the "Managing weeds: assess the risk guide" describes a weed risk screening process that can help determine the risk the weed poses at a location.

About Weeds at the Early Stage of Invasion (WESI) Project

The WESI project focuses on high risk invasive plants that threaten biodiversity when they are at the early stage of invasion. With Parks Victoria, we look after public land across Victoria.