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How to use Victoria Unearthed

What is Victoria Unearthed?

Victoria Unearthed is a tool where you can access past and present information about historical businesses, potential land and groundwater contamination, as well as information about contamination management and cleanup activities.

The majority of information in Victoria Unearthed isn’t new – it’s mostly existing data from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Victoria Unearthed simply makes it easier for you to access this information in one place at one time.

Victoria Unearthed Fact Sheet (PDF, 250.5 KB)

Victoria Unearthed Fact Sheet - Word Document (DOCX, 683.3 KB)

About Victoria Unearthed

This first release of Victoria Unearthed brings together information about historical business listings, potential land and groundwater contamination and EPA Environmental Audits.

Enter an address, suburb, town or area into the searchable map and access information about land and groundwater from a range of Victorian Government datasets.

Victoria Unearthed is not a source of all information about current contamination, it is a tool that helps you find out more about land, groundwater, past business listings and possible contamination.

About the datasets

This first release of Victoria Unearthed includes information about:

EPA Environmental Audits and Environmental Audits Overlays

See areas covered by Environmental Audit Overlays and find some locations that have EPA Environmental Audit reports.

Groundwater restrictions

See areas that have been affected by groundwater pollution and are designated Groundwater Quality Restricted Use Zones.


Find out information about suitably verified landfills, and the types of waste deposited, via links to information from the Victorian Landfill Register.

Historical business listings

Victoria’s oldest business directories — Sands & McDougall — have been digitised, bringing businesses back to life from asfar back as the 1890s to create the Historical Business Listings dataset in Victoria Unearthed. Historic business listings in Victoria Unearthed are from 1896, 1925 and 1974.

More information will be added to Victoria Unearthed in the future.

Victoria Unearthed brings together various existing datasets, some of which relate to the condition of land and groundwater in Victoria.

The purpose of Victoria Unearthed is to help individuals decide whether they want to make their own further enquiries in relation to the actual condition of particular land and/or groundwater.

In Victoria Unearthed, when we refer to potential contamination, we are not suggesting in any way that there is a basis for concluding that particular locations appearing in Victoria Unearthed are contaminated.

The inclusion or omission of information in Victoria Unearthed is not evidence that a location is, or is not, contaminated or potentially contaminated. For example, a particular location may have no information relating to it in Victoria Unearthed, and yet still be contaminated. Similarly, a particular location may have information relating to its historical contamination, but this has since been rehabilitated and is today free of contamination. 

The information in Victoria Unearthed is limited, incomplete and may be inaccurate. Users of Victoria Unearthed must not rely on, reach conclusions or make assumptions about the significance of the inclusion or omission of information relating to particular locations in Victoria Unearthed.

Victoria Unearthed must only be used as a starting point for enquiries, and any person with a particular interest in a specific location must make their own further enquiries about the actual condition of the land or groundwater. In general, only qualified and experienced environmental professionals should be consulted about testing for contamination.

Find out more about who's responsible and who can help clean-up contaminated land or groundwater.

Remediation and clean-up

Not all land that is affected by contamination poses a risk to human health or the environment. Find out more about the different ways health can be affected by contamination.

Health and contamination

Find out more about important considerations and legal obligations for anyone wanting to buy, sell or subdivide land - or to change its use.

Property and contamination

Find out more about the accuracy of the different datasets here: Accuracy/Reliability/Limitations.

More datasets will be added to Victoria Unearthed over time to provide further information about potential contamination. This will be an opportunity to add more information about potential contamination over time. If you have information about contamination at a particular address that you know is not accurately represented in Victoria Unearthed, contact us.

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