Contributing Biodiversity Activity Data

Organisations that have existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capability can use their existing systems to supply activity output data using the supplied formats of either ESRI Geodatabase, or shapefile templates of the standards formatted to the required data standard.

Activity outputs are grouped into four headings to make it easier to populate the relative information. An excel spreadsheet shows the attribute full names (columns) and the abbreviations used in the shapefiles.

  1. Structural works
  2. Environmental works
  3. Management services
  4. Planning and regulation

The following biodiversity shapefiles zip folder is 13 of the biodiversity related data standards and the .xlsx file below provides the shortened names for the attributes: (ZIP, 624.6 KB)

The following ‘gdb’ file includes all of the output data standards and has all of the drop downs for selection - needs will depend on the software people have available: (ZIP, 45.5 KB)

The following .xlsx file provides the abbreviations that must be used for using these files:

Standard Outputs attributes list (Excel, 21.2 KB)

See further background on the DELWP Output Data Standards, Version 2 June 2015 and  the ‘Spatial Output Reporting Guideline’ which supports the interpretation of the DELWP Output Data Standards. These were created for Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) but may be useful for other organisations supplying output data to DELWP.

Catchment Management Authorities please note: As your organisation provides spatial output data to DELWP annually by mid August each year you are not required to provide project data again separately. The spatial output data you provide must be compliant with the DELWP Output Data Standards and be received by the due date.

Organisations that DO NOT have existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capability may consider mapping and recording their activity outputs directly into ActivityKit. ActivityKit is a simple to use mapping tool for recording 13 types of activity data commonly delivered for biodiversity protection through DELWP investment (see below: Biodiversity related outputs in ActivityKit). User registration is required to use ActivityKit. For more information about ActivityKit email

While ActivityKit is mostly used for reporting, STAR (acronym for Spatial, Temporal, Activity Recorder) is a program and project management tool. STAR records management of animals and plants (e.g. pest animals, overabundant wildlife and native species, weeds and overabundant or out of range native species). User registration is required to use STAR. For more information about STAR email

Page last updated: 12/02/19