Biodiversity is all components of the living world: the number and variety of native plants, animals and other living things across our land, rivers, coast, and ocean.

Read Victoria’s plan, Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037. Coupled with reviews of the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (FFG Act) and native vegetation clearing regulations, the Plan ensures that Victoria has a modern and effective approach to protecting and managing our biodiversity.

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Funding Initiatives

There are multiple opportunities for environmental groups and organisations to contribute to Victoria’s natural environment and support Biodiversity 2037’s objectives.

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Making actions for biodiversity count

The Biodiversity 2037 vision for the future is that Victoria's biodiversity is healthy, valued and actively cared for. To realise this vision and achieve our statewide targets, we collect and share species and activity data. Our range of systems and tools collect, store and display biodiversity information to support our decision making and measure our contributions to Biodiversity 2037.

Victorian Biodiversity Atlas (VBA) – for contributing species observations

Activity data - recording on-ground biodiversity actions

NatureKit - for accessing species and habitat information and decision support tools

NaturePrint - for information about decision support tools including modelled biodiversity assets, threats, benefits of actions, and Strategic Management Prospects (SMP).

Turning the plan into action

Find out how we're turning Biodiversity 2037 into action by exploring the flagship themes below. These flagship themes provide a quick snapshot of key implementation highlights from the comprehensive four-year Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework.

The comprehensive Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework can be explored here:

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

The Biodiversity 2037 Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Framework has been developed to set out approaches to monitor and report on activities, outputs, outcomes and progress towards the goals and targets in Protecting Victoria’s Environment - Biodiversity 2037. It provides a framework for the broader biodiversity sector for the consistent and efficient collection of data that can be used to report on progress, evaluate the effectiveness of our collective efforts and address gaps in our current knowledge.

To achieve these outcomes, the framework acknowledges that wide spread collaboration and innovation across the biodiversity sector is needed. A review of the framework will be undertaken as new tools are developed in line with the delivery of Biodiversity 2037.


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Supporting technical supplement

This document provides sources, references and further reading for facts stated in each chapter of Biodiversity 2037, and is current as of May 2017.


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