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The Victorian Government’s $77 million BushBank program is Victoria’s most ambitious restoration program, addressing climate change and creating wildlife habitat as it restores more than 20,000 hectares of land across Victoria.

BushBank is contributing to Victoria’s goal of net zero emissions by 2045 and is listed as an action in the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector emissions reduction pledge.

BushBank is also contributing to native revegetation and permanent project targets in Protecting Victoria’s Environment - Biodiversity 2037, Victoria’s 20-year plan to improve our natural environment.

The objectives of BushBank are to:

  • improve habitat for threatened species and biodiversity
  • increase carbon sequestration and storage
  • capitalise on the increased levels of interest and investment in biodiverse carbon projects
  • support First Peoples’ self-determination.

The Victorian Government is offering grants for suitable projects that achieve the objectives of the BushBank program. Projects will restore public land, including publicly owned freehold land.

Public land is an important asset for all Victorians. It supports the delivery of essential government services, protects sites of environmental and cultural value, and provides recreational opportunities for community.


The total funding available for this grant offer is $5 million over 5 years, to be allocated across successful projects. Projects can commence in 2023/24 or 2024/25 and be delivered over a maximum of 5 years.

There is no specified funding limit for individual projects, and the funds allocated and number of projects funded will depend on the project costs and benefits assessed against the set criteria.

If suitable projects are not identified, the total funding allocation may not be committed in this grant round.

Note: Applicants able to demonstrate financial and in kind contributions will score more highly. A minimum of matched funding at a ratio of 1:1 (financial and/or in-kind) is preferred.


Grant applicants must:

  • be an incorporated or statutory entity (including governmental, not-for-profit or private entity) with financial systems in place for receiving, managing and acquitting government funding
  • have expertise and experience in delivering successful native vegetation restoration projects with a good track record in delivering projects to a high standard on time and within budget – expertise and experience can be demonstrated through partnerships
  • be the land manager, landowner or have landowner or land manager consent, as applicable
  • have appropriate systems, processes and procedures in place to identify and manage risk that complies with all relevant laws and regulations including the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017
  • have appropriate systems, processes and procedures to ensure good governance, and a high standard of quality assurance for project delivery

Note: The funding agreement will specify minimum insurance requirements and coverage values, including but not limited to public liability insurance ($10 million minimum) and personal accident insurance cover, to safeguard any volunteers and participants involved in the funded activities.

How to apply

Apply using the below link. You must register and create an account prior to commencing your application. You will receive an application number after submitting your application online. Please quote this number in all communications with DEECA relating to your application.

It is recommended that you draft your application in the Word document template provided below prior to submitting your application online.

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Applications open

10 October 2023

Applications close

4 December 2023 5PM

Applicants notified (indicative)

March 2024

Project activities commence

During 2023/24 or 2024/25

BushBank video - creating shapefiles and maps on NatureKit