Trees planted so far30,000

The western region currently has the lowest tree canopy cover in Melbourne. Urban development that results in the loss of trees and vegetation causes average temperatures in these areas to increase.

This is known as the urban heat island effect, which impacts the health of both people and animals.

Urban tree cover in Melbourne 2018

2018 Urban tree cover in Melbourne by region
Source: RMIT University et al. for DELWP, 2019
Region Tree cover %
Western 5.5%
Northern 12.1%
Inner metro 12.6%
Southern 15.2%
Inner South East 17.4%
Eastern 25.9%

To help address this, the More Trees for a Cooler, Greener West Program will see more trees planted in Melbourne’s west. The program aims to plant trees in urban areas with the lowest tree canopy cover. This is a low-cost option to help address problems of the urban heat island effect as part of cooling and greening Melbourne. Planting trees provides benefits including:

  • increasing the urban forest and canopy cover for increased shading and cooling
  • increasing biodiversity by planting a variety of tree sizes and species and contributing to wildlife corridors
  • reducing urban temperatures by 10-25°C, which will help reduce heat-related illness and death
  • helping clean the air by filtering pollutants and providing oxygen, as well as helping meet Victoria’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050
  • providing more accessible green spaces for urban residents for recreation and amenity to increase connections with nature and improve mental and physical health
  • improving stormwater management through increased filtering and reduced runoff.

Community tree planting events

Please find below opportunities to be involved in community tree planting events, these will be updated regularly. Note that these events are organised and delivered by partner organisations, funded by the Victorian Government through the More Trees for a Cooler Greener West program.

DateLocationLink to event details
Sunday 3 July 2022Altona NorthKororoit Creek Tree Planting Event
Sunday 31 July  2022Hoppers CrossingWyndham City Council Tree Day Site Details
Sunday 31 July 2022MaribyrnongMaribyrnong River Community Planting
Sunday 31 July 2022Avondale HeightsNational Tree Day Community Planting
Sunday 31 July 2022AltonaNational Tree Day in Altona

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