Protecting Biodiversity Together

Collaboratively protecting biodiversity using cutting edge science to support on-ground action.

Key implementation actions for this flagship will include:

  • Support Victoria's conservation volunteer groups such as Landcare, Coastcare and Friends Groups to continue building environmental and community resilience.
  • Undertake on-ground actions that help achieve the Biodiversity 2037 targets in partnership with communities, land managers, Traditional Owners and natural resource management agencies.
  • Support partners and stakeholders to report on-ground actions to measure the collective impact towards the Biodiversity 2037 targets.
  • Initiate new biodiversity conservation auctions as a mechanism to protect biodiversity, particularly native vegetation on private land.
  • Develop a new Marine Biodiversity Policy and establish a Marine and Coastal Knowledge Framework.
  • Develop a Biodiversity Emergency Response Framework that enables rapid decision making for biodiversity after major events such as bushfires or floods.

View more implementation actions in the Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework

Page last updated: 04/09/19