Caring for Biodiversity on Country

Assisting Victoria’s Traditional Owners to participate in biodiversity management in a holistic manner that recognises their aspirations to heal Country.

Key implementation actions for this flagship will include:

  • In partnership with Victoria's Traditional Owners, understand how Traditional Owner ecological knowledge and contemporary biodiversity management can be integrated.
  • Offer assistance, when invited, to Traditional Owners for Healthy Country Planning, and acquisition & protection of freehold land.
  • Maximise aboriginal inclusion and support in relation to environmental matters through the Aboriginal Inclusion Plan 2016-2020 - MunganinGadhaba.
  • Examine partnering opportunities between Phillip Island Nature Parks and local indigenous communities including employment of indigenous rangers.
  • Develop programs, in partnership with Traditional Owners, to enable children, youth and elders to reconnect to Country for cultural, spiritual and health and wellbeing benefits.

View more implementation actions in the Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework

Page last updated: 04/09/19