Mobilising our Ecosystem Engineers

Helping our native wildlife apply their specialist skills to restore and maintain healthy, functioning environments.

Key implementation actions for this flagship will include:

  • Maintain a fox free environment on Phillip Island into the future and investigate the potential for Phillip Island to introduce appropriate threatened species of wildlife.
  • Investigate the feasibility of establishing feral predator-free sanctuaries through projects at Wilsons Promontory National Park that have the potential to enable the restoration of vegetation communities and faunal assemblages.
  • Maintain existing native apex predators in natural ecosystems and, investigate the potential functional role of reintroduced native apex predators in north-west Victoria.
  • Develop a Feral Cat Action Plan and review and where necessary, simplify the legislative framework to enable the control of feral cats for the protection of Victoria's biodiversity and threatened wildlife

View more implementation actions in the Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework

Page last updated: 04/09/19