Environmental volunteering opportunities map

We’re making it easy for people interested in environmental volunteering to get involved through local groups.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Zoom into the location you're interested in. Each dot represents a group.
  2. Select the dot to see the following info: Group name, core activities, contact details (Facebook or website).  (Multiple groups may be represented by an individual dot. To access all groups use the arrow keys at the top of the pop-up box).
  3. Connect with the group through their website or social media platforms and let them know you’re keen to participate.

Access a full screen version of the map here

You can filter groups by activity type, local government area (LGA), Catchment Management Area (CMA) or Group name.

Toggle on the filter type you are interested in (button will turn from grey to green), click the arrow on the left to expand the filter, and choose from the dropdown list or start typing.  You can apply multiple filters simultaneously.

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Getting involved

Citizen Science

A number of CMAs have information on how you can get involved in Citizen Science projects including Melbourne Water, Corangamite, and  Mallee.

Land for Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary wildlife conservation program. If you wish to create or protect wildlife habitats on your property, then the Land for Wildlife scheme can offer you advice and assistance no matter whether you manage a farm, a bush block, a council park or school ground.


Landcare represents thousands of people across Victoria, working together to increase biodiversity and promote the sustainable management of land.


Coastcare Victoria proudly supports hundreds of community volunteer groups working to protect and enhance Victoria's 2000 kilometres of coastline.


Waterwatch Victoria is a successful community engagement program connecting local communities with river health and sustainable water issues and management since 1993.


EstuaryWatch is a citizen science program for monitoring estuary health.

Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife Victoria is a network of environmental community groups, shires, councils, and volunteers from across Victoria developing or managing community wildlife gardening programs that are co-designed and led by local government-community partnerships.

Parks Victoria

Victoria's parks provide open space, stunning landscapes, habitats to protect flora and fauna and areas to conserve cultural heritage.

Victoria Environment Friends Network

The Victorian Environment Friends Network exists to help represent the common interests of all Friends groups in Victoria.

SWIFFT – State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams

SWIFFT connects people with events, information and others interested in threatened species and biodiversity conservation.

Committees of Management of Crown Land Reserves

Approximately 1200 volunteer committees of management work on behalf of the Minister for Environment and Climate Change to manage 1500 Crown land reserves across Victoria.

Conservation Volunteers Australia

Conservation Volunteers makes it easy for people to care for nature by volunteering on one of our many conservation projects across the country.  Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and no prior skills or experience are required, and volunteer projects are available to suit your availability and particular interests.

Volunteering Victoria

Volunteering Victoria is the state peak body for volunteering, focusing on advocacy, sector development and the promotion of volunteering.

Australian Citizen Science Association

Australian Citizen Science Association provides information about opportunities to involve public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge. To be involved in citizen science you don’t need a science degree. Citizen scientists work with scientists or the scientific framework to achieve scientific goals.

Corporate volunteering

Are you exploring corporate volunteering? Environmental volunteering is a great way of supporting your employees to connect with nature and each other. There are a number of organisations and groups that you can reach out to about one-off volunteering opportunities. We encourage you to do your own research but a few to get you started include:

If you're still looking for opportunities  and need some assistance, please email us at : environmental.volunteering@delwp.vic.gov.au

Volunteering Victoria has some good information for workplaces looking to set up an employee volunteering program.

Grants and opportunities available

Coastcare Victoria Community Grants - close 30 March

This year, Coastcare Victoria has $210,000  available for grants of up to $10,000 each.

Projects will fit into one of three streams on offer including ‘Stewardship and Education; Strengthening our Volunteer Groups; and Supporting Traditional Owner Self-Determination’.

For all information on the 2023  Coastcare Victoria Community Grants Program, including funding guidelines, and the type of support facilitators can provide, visit https://www.marineandcoasts.vic.gov.au/grants/coastcare-victoria-community-grants.

Port Phillip Bay Fund Grants - close 4 April

We’re providing $1.4 million for the 2023 Port Phillip Bay Fund round.

Grants are available:

  • up to $100,000 for innovative, large-scale projects over two years
  • up to $25,000 for smaller projects over one year

Who can apply?

  • Environmental groups and networks
  • Volunteer-based recreational and community groups
  • Public Land Committees of Management
  • Traditional Owners/custodians (RAP and non-RAP)
  • Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Research institutes, Local Government and other non-profit organisations

Applications will close 4 April 2023 at 3pm. For more information and to apply please visit: https://www.marineandcoasts.vic.gov.au/grants/port-phillip-bay-fund


We have two survey opportunities from researchers at universities.

Exploring the experience of people who volunteer to help nature

You are invited to participate in an online study to identify what motivates volunteers to participate in environmental stewardship programs, and what factors support the valuable contribution of people like you. The study is completely anonymous and takes approximately 10-12 minutes to complete. Everyone that completes the survey will be offered the chance to win one of two vouchers worth $300. The survey is being run by researchers from the University of Queensland with support from the NSW Environmental Trust. The complete the survey or to find out more information click here.

Development of a tool to measure volunteer commitment

Volunteering in the 21st century has had to accommodate changes: we are all busier, work longer hours and have had to endure two years of social distancing. Organisations that recruit volunteers are also changing to a more project focused structure. Researchers at RMIT University are investigating the power of the project to influence volunteer commitment. For example, are environmental projects important to volunteers, or is it working for the organisation that is more important, or is it the social connection that many volunteers appreciate? What makes you want to go back and volunteer again?

If you have volunteered on a project, then please help our research by completing a short survey. The survey is anonymous so we have no way of contacting you after the survey. All survey data will be held securely. You can access the survey here or use this link:


Volunteer Support Services

Volunteer Support Services (VSSs) provide the following services:

  • Provide information to individuals about volunteering
  • Provide a referral service that is responsive to the needs of volunteers, potential volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations
  • Provide support to not-for-profit organisations and community groups in the recruitment and management of volunteers
  • Promote volunteering and volunteering opportunities

Search for your nearest Volunteer Support Service

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