Offset requirements for native vegetation removal are determined in accordance with the following guidelines:

Guidelines for the removal, destruction or lopping of native vegetation (PDF, 1.5 MB)

What can be an offset?

An offset can be one, or a combination of the following:

  • improvement in the condition of existing vegetation through ongoing management and protection using an appropriate security arrangement
  • revegetation of a site with ongoing management and protection using an appropriate security arrangement.

Note there are eligibility requirements and some restrictions on what can be offset site.

Native vegetation gain scoring manual describes how improvements to native vegetation at offsets sites (gain) is achieved and how this is calculated. The manual has been updated, and is now Version 2.

Native vegetation gain scoring manual, Version 2 (PDF, 1.6 MB)

The gain calculator can be used to calculate gain at an offset site. In accordance with the Native vegetation gain scoring manual, Version 2.

Gain Calculator (ExcelM, 774.8 KB)

Offsets can be secured on land owned by a holder of a permit to remove native vegetation (known as a first party offset) or a native vegetation credit can be purchased from a third party.

If you require assistance in relation to a first party offset, please contact

Third party offsets provide an opportunity for permit holders to remove native vegetation, to meet their offset obligation through the purchase of native vegetation credits (credits) from a third party.

The Native Vegetation Credit Register regulates the establishment, sale and ownership of credits. All third party offsets must be registered on the credit register. DELWP has responsibility for maintaining the register.

The register provides certainty for credit buyers, local councils and the community that the credits for sale are owned by the credit seller, have not been sold as offsets before, and that they will delivered the required improvements to biodiversity.

The Native Vegetation Credit Register sets minimum standards for security and management of sites used to generate native vegetation credits. This ensures that credits generated under different security agreements are equivalent. The credit register also monitors compliance with security agreements to ensure management action and landowner commitments are being delivered. 

The Native Vegetation Credit Register enables organisations to bank native vegetation credits for future trade or use. This approach is particularly useful for organisations who undertake projects that regularly involve native vegetation removal, and can make forward projections about what types of offsets they may require in the future.

Here is information about the credits that have been traded through the credit register, including date of trade and price.

Traded credits information (Excel, 1.3 MB) 

Permit holders who are seeking a third-party offsets can contact a DELWP accredited broker to help them. These organisations and individuals can help explain the process of purchased credits and provide the appropriate documents to the Native Vegetation Credit Register.

Landowners who wish to establish native vegetation offset sites on their property for trade as native vegetation credits, can contact a DELWP accredited broker or Trust for Nature.

Here is a diagram that outlines the process to establish a native vegetation credit site on private land.

Native Vegetation Credit Register: Process to establish a native vegetation credit site on private land (PDF, 24.5 KB)

Before establishing a native vegetation credit site, landowners should speak with accredited brokers and site assessors to understand:

  • potential native vegetation credits the site could generate and the costs involved
  • how the market operates and the potential for future trades of the native vegetation credits.

Landowners can register a potential offset site with DELWP. Desktop information can be used to estimate potential gain. Once the landowner has a prospective buyer for these offsets they can undertake the steps to create native vegetation credits to trade. Accredited brokers can also assist with this process.

Here is a list of Native Vegetation Credit Register accredited brokers and site assessors:

Native vegetation credit register service providers (PDF, 91.1 KB)
Native vegetation credit register service providers (DOCX, 20.4 KB)

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