The plan for today is basically to come out for a couple of hours and plant some trees.

Here we've planted 2,000 trees.

The second site is going to be on the other side of the property and we're going to do 1,500 trees.

Then we'll wander back and we've got live music bands followed by a few rappers and then DJs for the rest of the night.

This event is really well catered for food wise too which always draws people in.

This project is really special because we're getting young people out here.

Traditionally, Landcare,the age demographic is probably 50 plus and young kids so to bring in 18 to 40 working age, it's a hard task to do but once you get them out of here,  they're really enthusiastic, really positive.

The planning so far has been fun getting the hands dirty, I kind of work in an office most of the time.

You know, everyone makes fun of me, I'm just always in the office, keeping my fingers clean but I'm honestly excited to come back after the next lot of planting.

This is my first time here, I can definitely see why people do it.

I love meeting new people and there's always such a good vibe with these sorts of events.

And just bonding through interests.

Looking after the environment can be really fun also incredibly rewarding.

You plant trees and that you might plant somewhere and drive past in a couple of years and be like wow, I planted that site and look they've grown.

And I think just that reward of actually like a tangible item, putting a tree in and that growing and you being able to see that, it's incredibly encouraging.

Page last updated: 15/12/23