The Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program funds 78 part-time Landcare facilitators who are employed directly by a range of organisations including Landcare and environmental groups and networks.

The Landcare Facilitator’s role is to enable the effective participation of Landcare groups and networks, landholders and the wider community in natural resource management activities that protect, enhance and restore the natural environment, and improve agricultural productivity.

The Landcare Facilitators also have a strong focus on building group and network capacity, rather than dependency, to enable groups and networks to become sustainable.

Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program Extension

The Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program has been extended for six months to 31 December 2020.

The Victorian Government is currently reviewing the Victorian Landcare Program in light of the recommendations from the 2019 independent Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program Review - Final Report and the DELWP response Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program Review - Key Findings, Recommendation & Actions.

The six-month extension allows the Victorian Government time to implement recommendations to improve the Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program when the Victorian State Budget 2020-21 is delivered.

An Expression of Interest will open later in the year for Landcare and environmental volunteer groups and networks who would like to seek funding to employ a Landcare Facilitator from 1 January 2021 under the Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program.

For more information please read the Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program - Frequently Asked Questions.

Page last updated: 22/05/20