About the program

The Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program (VLFP) started in 2011 and funds part-time Landcare facilitators who are employed directly by a range of organisations including Landcare and environmental groups and networks.

The Landcare Facilitator's role is to enable the effective participation of Landcare and environmental volunteer groups and networks, landholders and the wider community in natural resource management activities that protect, enhance and restore the natural environment, and improve agricultural productivity.

Landcare Facilitators also have a strong focus on building group and network capacity, to enable groups and networks to become sustainable.

The VLFP is one component of the Victorian Government’s Victorian Landcare Program.

Current program

The Victorian Government extended contracts for existing Landcare Facilitators to 30 June 2021.

These contract extensions will ensure continuity of employment for the facilitators who play a vital role in supporting the work of Victorian Landcare and environmental volunteer groups.


The Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program Review - Final Report details the key findings and recommendations of the 2019 independent review of the VLFP by RM Consulting Group.

There are seven recommendations:

  1. Improve activity-level reporting
  2. Implement a systematic approach to continuous improvement
  3. Improve Program Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) including outcome reporting
  4. Update the Victorian Landcare Plan
  5. Develop alternative models to improve program delivery
  6. Review resourcing requirements for preferred future delivery model
  7. Strengthen program governance arrangements and increase support

The Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program Review - Final Report

Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program Review - Key Findings, Recommendations & Actions

New program

DELWP is taking action in response to each of the seven recommendations of the Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program Review - Final Report.

These actions focus on the design and delivery of the VLFP so that it is more effective, efficient and has greater impact.

Applications for the 2021-24 Victorian Landcare Facilitator Program closed on 18 March 2021.

The new program will commence on 1 July 2021.



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