Threatened Species Projects

Urgent Actions Project Funding 2016-17






Brush-tail Rock-Wallaby


Intensive fox control to protect key population in Snowy River Gorge


Parks Victoria, DELWP - Gippsland

Roundsnout, East Gippsland, McDowall's, Dargo, Shaw, Tapered, West Gippsland, Moroka and Morwell River galaxias (9 fish species)


Translocation of trout to protect nine species of endemic fish threatened by trout predation


DELWP - Arthur Rylah Institute, Parks Victoria, Australian Trout Foundation

Large Brown Tree Frog

East Gippsland

Locate and assess status of populations to enable protection zones to be established


DELWP - Gippsland,  Wildlife Unlimited

Masters' Snake


Undertake surveys to locate remaining populations in the Big Desert for habitat protection


DELWP - Loddon Mallee & Arthur Rylah Institute, Parks Victoria

Heath Skink


Install and evaluate predator-proof fence around burrow systems in the Big Desert, to protect from predation


Parks Victoria, DELWP - Loddon Mallee & Arthur Rylah Institute

Charming Spider-Orchid, Summer Spider-Orchid, Basalt Peppercress

Port Phillip

Seed collection for future propagation; deer and rabbit proof fencing and caging


DELWP - Port Phillip, Royal Botanic Gardens, community volunteers and landowners

Gaping Leek Orchid, Metallic Sun Orchid, Matted Flax-lily, Mountain Burr-Daisy


Exclusion fencing and caging of plants; rabbit and weed control


Royal Botanic Gardens, DELWP - Gippsland & Arthur Rylah Institute, community volunteers and landowners

Concave Pomaderris, Crimson Spider-Orchid, Mt Pilot Spider-Orchid, Phantom Wattle, Stringybark Wattle, Wedge Diuris Orchid, Leek Orchid spp., Purple Donkey-Orchid, Western Silver Wattle


Steel caging of plants to prevent browsing; and weed control


DELWP - Hume, CFA, VLine, local government, community volunteers and landowners

Basalt Peppercress (Lepidium hyssopifolium)/Geranium sp. 1 (Large-Flower Crane's-bill)

Grampians, Port Phillip

Seed propagation, planting and caging of plants


DELWP Grampians, DELWP – Port Phillip

South-eastern red-tailed Black Cockatoo


Population monitoring trialling GPS satellite transmitters


DELWP – Barwon South West

Southern Right Whale (SRW)


Producing video to provide guidance on vessel impact mitigation to prevent vessel strike


DELWP - Barwon South West

Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby (SBTRW)


Genetic sampling of previously unknown population for translocation to selective breeding program.


DELWP – Gippsland, Parks Victoria, CESAR – Melbourne University, Wildlife Unlimited, SBTRW East Gippsland Field Management Team and Recovery Team

Giant Burrowing Frog


Field surveys trialling detection methods


DELWP – Gippsland

Isopogon prostratus (Prostrate Cone Bush)


Seed viability testing; propagation, planting and caging of plants


DELWP - Gippsland

New Holland Mouse


Population monitoring with remote cameras


DELWP – Gippsland, DELWP Alpine and Greater Gippsland Bushfire Risk Landscape Team

Southern Right Whale (SRW)


Photo identification and cataloguing of juveniles for calf survival assessment


DELWP - Barwon South West

Orchid package: Caladenia amoena, Caladenia audasii, Caladenia calcicolaa, Caladenia formosa, Calandenia flavovirens, Caladenia orientalis, Caladenia robinsonii, Caladenia sp. aff. Venusta, Caladenia versicolor, Corybas sp. aff. diemenicus Coastal, Diuris basaltica, Diuris ochroma, Prasophyllum orchids (P chasmogamum, P correctum, P frenchii, P niphopedium, P retroflexum), Pterostylis despectans, Pterostylis cucullata subsp. Cucullata, Thelymitra epipactoides, Thelymitra matthewsii  

Port Phillip, Gippsland, Grampians, Hume, Barwon

Ecological burns; weed control; pollination and propagation activities; caging; surveys and research to improve habitat, protection and flowering.


DELWP Arthur Rylah Institute, DELWP Port Phillip, DELWP Gippsland, Parks Victoria, VicTrack, Royal Botanic Gardens (Cranbourne), Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victorian Group)

Icon Species: $2 million from 2016/17- 2019/20

Baw Baw Frog$200,000
Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby $200,000
Eastern Barred Bandicoot (mainland subspecies)$200,000
Helmeted Honeyeater$200,000
Leaderbeater’s Possum (lowland population)$200,000
Mountain Pygmy Possum$200,000
Orange-bellied Parrot$200,000
Hooded Plover$200,000
Regent Honeyeater$200,000

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