Community and Volunteer Action Grant Projects: $4 million - 2017


Ashbourne Landcare Biolinks Project

Ashbourne Landcare Group Inc

$        49,890.00

Caladenia pumila recovery

Australasian Native Orchid Society [Victorian Group] - Inc

$        49,900.00

Passionately Protecting Plains Grassland

Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria Group) Inc

$        23,250.00

Recovery Action For Three of Victoria's Rarest Orchids (Caladenias audasii, clavescens and sp. aff. fragrantissima)

Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victorian Group) Inc.

$        49,800.00

Fauna Survey

Australian Landscape Trust

$          8,890.00

Saving the threatened Audas Spider-orchid (Caladenia audasii) from extinction.

Australian Network for Plant Conservation Inc.

$        41,314.18

Biodiversity and Ecology Restoration Project, Mt Martha

Balcombe Estuary Reserves Group, Mt Martha Inc (BERG Mt Martha)

$        45,762.90

Enhance diversity of Plains Grassy Woodlands and Grassy Woodlands through ecological burns at BEN-managed reserves

Ballarat Environment Network

$          9,970.00

Update VBA records for sites with FFG Act-listed EVCs to improve management outcomes.

Ballarat Environment Network

$          7,320.00

Enhancing Biodiversity in a Peri-urban Environment

Baranduda Landcare

$        50,000.00

Increasing Diversity in Wail State Forest

Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

$        40,000.00

Coordinated comment action to protect Buloke Woodlands in the Southern Mallee - Beulah Landcare Group

Beulah Landcare Group

$        50,000.00

Monitoring and rehabilitation of Fairy Tern breeding sites in Western Port and Port Phillip Bays

BirdLife Australia

$        42,700.00

Protecting the Future of our Trees: Seed Security II

Blampied – Kooroocheang Landcare Group

$        23,560.00

Villa Turquoise - Creating and monitoring artificial nesting habitat for the threatened Turquoise Parrot

Broken Boosey Conservation Management Network (auspiced by Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority)

$        50,000.00

Wildflower and Reptile Recovery in Melbourne's West

Cairnlea Conservation Reserves Committee of Management

$        49,300.00

Riparian rehabilitation along an urban waterway- Campaspe River and Australian Anchor Plant

Campaspe River & Land Management group

$        21,136.00

Where The Woodland Meets The Sea

Cannons Creek Foreshore Reserve Committee Of Management

$        20,950.00

Remnant Forest and Creek Rehabilitation

Chewton Landcare Group

$        24,592.00

Engaging landholders, improving habitat, and protecting orchids in Christmas Hills

Christmas Hills Landcare Group

$        39,038.00

Caring for Key Biodiversity Areas in Central Victoria

Connecting Country (Mount Alexander Region)

$        49,150.00

Community Habitat Enhancement - Salvana Conservation Reserve

Conservation Volunteers Australia

$        49,625.12

Coordinated community action to protect Buloke Woodlands in the Southern Mallee - Culgoa Landcare Group

Culgoa Landcare Group

$        50,000.00

Littoral rainforest community recovery program

East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network

$        20,025.00

A time for hope: strengthening Hooded Plover monitoring and protection in south west Victoria

Far West Friends of the Hooded Plover (auspiced by BirdLife Australia Ltd)

$        17,671.00

Ferny Creek Primary School Biodiversity Enhancement Project

Ferny Creek Primary School

$        35,216.00

Creating new and enhancing old habitats and wildlife corridors to promote biodiversity on French Island.

French Island Landcare Group Inc

$        46,439.40

Enhancing Biodiversity Values and Habitat for Threatened Species at Bald Hill Reserve, Kyneton

Friends of Bald Hill Reserve

$        36,700.00

Sustaining Baluk Willam Biodiversity

Friends of Baluk Willam Nature Conservation Reserve (auspiced by Parks Victoria)

$        48,000.00

On the ground/ In the trees:  Habitat enhancement for Grey-headed Flying-fox in Yarra Bend Park

Friends of Bats and Bushcare Inc. (auspiced by Parks Victoria)

$        26,800.00

Urban waterways park—the green heart of Castlemaine

Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group

$        49,002.65

Crusoe and Number 7 Park Habitat Hollow Project

Friends of Crusoe Reservoir and Number 7 Park

$        10,700.00

Protecting rare orchid flora in the Parks of Kooyoora

Friends of Kooyoora State Park

$        48,900.00

Enhancement of habitat for Lowland Leadbeater's Possum at Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve

Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc

$          6,980.00

The Secret Seven: Seeds for our Flora's Future

Friends of Merri Creek

$        49,984.00

Emu Foot Grassland Conservation Signage

Friends of Skeleton Creek (auspiced by Hobsons Bay City Council)

$          8,000.00

Breathing Life into the Bushland

Friends of the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton Inc (auspiced by Greater Shepparton City Council)

$        29,092.00

Rebuilding the Forgotten Woodlands of the Victorian Volcanic Plain

Friends of the Forgotten Woodlands Inc. (auspiced by Beyond Bolac Catchment Action Group)

$        50,000.00

Revegetation in target areas within Yellingbo Conservation Reserve along Woori Yallock Creek and Sheepstation Creek

Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater

$        28,310.00

Cultivating Community Stewardship: Caring for the Significant Biodiversity of Panton Hill and Smiths Gully

Friends of the Panton Hill Bushland Reserves System (auspiced by Nillumbik Shire Council)

$        49,383.00

Koala Habitat Restoration at Wilsons Promontory National Park

Friends of the Prom (auspiced by Parks Victoria)

$          9,500.00

Restoring the Seven Creeks, Euroa Township

Friends of the Seven Creeks, Euroa (auspiced by Euroa Environment Group Inc)

$        50,000.00

Using chainsaw cut log hollows to create supplementary roosting habitat for hollow-dependant mammals

Friends of Warringine Park (auspiced by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council)

$        27,200.00

Improving biodiversity through restoration of habitat at Westgate Park using community volunteers

Friends of Westgate Park Inc.

$        14,000.00

Refurbishing bat-boxes to maintain habitat restoration, long-term environmental monitoring, community engagement and education

Friends of Wilson Reserve

$        14,000.00

Sticking our necks out for Turtle conservation

Friends of Winton Wetlands

$        49,150.00

Twin Dams Paddock , Weeroona/Conservation Zone, Sanatorium Dam Area

Friends of Woodlands Historic Park (auspiced by Parks Victoria)

$          5,160.00

Putting Victoria’s fungal biodiversity on the map


$        50,000.00

Habitat improvement for the Brush tailed phascogale in the Forest Creek valley

Golden Point Landcare

$          9,500.00

Renewal of threatened plant conservation projects in the Goulburn Valley

Goulburn Valley Environment Group (GVEG)

$        44,945.00

Protecting Scattered Paddock Trees for our Woodland Birds and Bats

Greta Valley Landcare Group

$        36,030.00

Enhancing resilience and biodiversity of coastal flora and fauna at Harmers Haven

Harmers Haven Resident & Ratepayers Group - Friends of Harmers Haven (auspiced by Parks Victoria)

$        47,985.00

Stockyard Plain Community Project 2

Harston Community Landcare Group Incorporated

$        37,160.00

Project Hindmarsh Biolink Threatened Community Planting

Hindmarsh Landcare Network Inc

$        33,100.00

Zooming in and out on threatened species in Violet Town

Honeysuckle Recreational Environment Project Working Group, a sub-committee of the Violet Town Action Group

$        48,440.00

Improving habitat for threatened and declining flora and fauna in Victoria’s western goldfields

Kara Kara Conservation Management Network

$        46,915.00

Monument Hill Pine Removal Program

Kilmore Fire Brigade (auspiced by Mitchell Shire Council)

$        26,700.00

Ferntree Gully Reserve

Knox Environment Society

$        10,200.00

Protecting remnant habitats along Mt Emu Creek and Nerrin Wetlands

Lismore Land Protection Group

$        49,990.00

Icons of the Longwood Plains: Grey-crowned Babblers, Bush Stone-curlews and Squirrel Gliders habitat improvement.

Longwood Plains Conservation Management Network

$        48,500.00

Bert Alsop Track Rehabilitation

Lornecare (auspiced by Great Ocean Road Coast Committee)

$        45,810.00

Flooding Creek Connections

Maffra and District Landcare Network

$        48,133.45

Mullum Park, Walert Creek, Habitat Restoration and Protection Project

Friends of Warrandyte State Park (auspiced by Parks Victoria)

$        41,905.00

Mitta Valley Landcare environmental protection and enhancement project covering 88ha.

Mitta Valley Landcare Group

$        49,994.00

Collective Effort Environmental Management

Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation Ltd

$        48,302.00

A water cart to establish plantings from our nursery

Mt Korong Eco-Watch Association Inc

$          9,482.00

Granite Island Corridor

Mt Rothwell Landcare Volunteers Inc.

$        43,000.00

Mt. Worth Threatened species biolink

Mt. Worth and District Landcare Group Inc

$        28,600.00

Suring up the threatened Stony Bush-pea Pultenaea lapidosa on Reform Hill.

Myrtleford and District Landcare & Sustainability Group

$        18,585.00

Round the bend and up the creek

Napoleons / Enfield Landcare Group

$        29,328.00

Recovery and conservation of the Charming Spider Orchid Caladenia amoena

Nillumbik Landcare Network (auspiced by Nillumbik Shire Council)

$        50,000.00

Finding and saving Southern Toadlets and other frogs in Nillumbik

Nillumbik Landcare Network (auspiced by Nillumbik Shire Council)

$        27,152.00

Managing Northern Plains Grasslands for Plains-wanderers

Northern Plains Conservation Management Network

$        48,250.00

Victoria Valley Private Land Fox Baiting 2017-2020 - Parks Victoria Partnership

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

$        49,500.00

Fencing off regionally Endangered Swamp Scrub habitat in Western Victoria

Panyyabyr Landcare Group

$        16,269.80

Corridor and Biodiversity Enhancement on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Landcare Group

$        49,900.00

Turn The Tide

Phillip Island Nature Parks

$        28,770.00

Port Campbell Biolinks Project

Port Campbell Public Purposes Reserve (auspiced by Heytesbury District Landcare Network)

$        25,500.00

Protecting the Powlett creating habitat for threatened species

Powlett Project

$        49,650.00

Coordinated community action to protect Buloke Woodlands in the Southern Mallee - Rainbow & District Landcare Group

Rainbow & District Landcare Group

$        50,000.00

Protecting Powerful Owl habitat in Waterholes Creek Catchment

Red Hill South Landcare Group

$        18,592.00

Conservation of the critically endangered Caladenia robinsonii

RMIT University

$        34,950.00

Sandy Point Koala Action Project

Sandy Point Community Group

$        49,870.00

Fur and fins; extending landscape pathways with community collaboration

South West Goulburn Landcare Inc

$        49,120.00

Protect and Connect - Stage 1  - Moonah Woodland Restoration

Southwest Mornington Peninsula Landcare Group (SWAMP Landcare)

$        50,000.00

Why I’m Important - Roadside Reserves

Springhurst and Byawatha Hills Landcare Group

$        48,000.00

Dandenong Ranges Pittosporum undulatum (Sweet Pittosporum) control Program


$        48,580.00

To protect and enhance fragmented indigenous vegetation including threatened ecological communities through bio links.

Surf Coast And Inland Plains Network

$        24,640.00

Protecting Upper Murray Remnants

Tallangatta Rail Trail Advisory Group Incorporated (auspiced by Parklands Albury Wodonga Ltd)

$        29,700.00

Protecting Pretty Hill

The Basalt to Bay Landcare Network

$        49,270.00

Coliban River from Enders Bridge to Trentham Falls biodiversity link

Trentham District Landcare Group

$        50,000.00

Protecting Species, Connecting People

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

$        50,000.00

Endangered Orchid Recovery in the Kara Region

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

$        49,920.00

Striped Legless Lizard community surveys & habitat restoration - Goldfields East

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

$        31,775.00

Brolgas and Bandicoots - Pallisters Reserve

Trust for Nature (Victoria)

$        23,604.00

Coordinated community action to protect Buloke Woodlands in the Southern Mallee - Ultima Landcare Group

Ultima Landcare Group

$        50,000.00

Sandy Creek habitat restoration - welcome back Phascogales and Banksias

Up2Us Landcare Alliance

$        42,100.00

Citizen surveys for vulnerable greater gliders, powerful owls and phascogales in the central highlands

Upper Campaspe Landcare Network

$        46,485.00

Linking and creating vegetation corridors at Bowmont

Upper Hopkins Land Management Group

$        11,120.00

Riparian Conservation and Connectivity: Ovens/Buckland Rivers junction

Upper Ovens Valley Landcare Group

$        31,500.00

Annual monitoring of malleefowl breeding success

Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group

$        24,600.00

Building on the success of NatureWatch Caught on Camera in Bunyip State Park

Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA)

$        48,898.00

ReefWatch - Sea Slug Census

Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA)

$        47,470.00

Saving Stringers Creek

Walhalla Board of Management Inc.

$        39,369.00

Protecting spring soaks in the north western Goldfields - stage 2

Wedderburn Conservation Management Network

$        37,190.00

Connecting pockets of habitat & improving biodiversity for nectar feeders in the Westernport Catchment

Western Port Catchment Landcare Network

$        49,062.00

Restoring Habitat Linkages in Wodonga

Wodonga Urban Landcare Network Inc

$        50,000.00

Creating Martin Toadlet Habitat on Reedy Creek - Phase 2

Woodside Landcare Group and Yarram Landcare Network

$        45,000.00

Diversifying and extending a restored native grassland in south-western Victoria (Woorndoo).

Woorndoo Land Protection Group

$        38,952.00

Cemetery Native Grassland Species: protection and Identification

Yackandandah Cemetery Trust

$          5,600.00