Biodiversity Interactive Map (BIM) has been decommissioned as it is based on obsolete software that can no longer be supported by DELWP.

A new web mapping and reporting tool known as NatureKit has been developed to replace it.

NatureKit displays information on Victoria's:

  • Flora and fauna distribution
  • Native vegetation
  • Investment prospects
  • Marine bathymetry and habitat
  • Disturbance
  • Land administration and classification

Open NatureKit

NatureKit allows you to zoom in and out, pan around the map, identify features, perform queries, generate reports, and create printable maps (in PDF) based on themes.

NatureKit has far greater capabilities for extracting data and creating reports than BIM provided in the past.

How can I get more information about using the different functions within NatureKit?

Help material will be progressively introduced over the coming weeks and will be available from this page and the "Help and About" toolbar in NatureKit.

How can I get more information about the data layers within NatureKit?

Unlike in BIM, users can simply click on the map to see layer attributes and additional information (where it is available). Legends can be view3ed by clicking on the legend icon next to the layer name.

Is there a cost?

No, it's free to view and produce PDF maps online.