In an exciting shift for gender diversity, five of the seven four-year chairperson roles have been filled by women, increasing female representation by eight percent since the last cycle.

Through collaboration with the Victorian and local governments and other government agencies, the boards will continue to deliver waste and resource recovery projects, protecting the natural environment and health of Victoria.


Barwon South West WRRGCr Jill Parker (Chairperson)
Barwon South West WRRGCr David Bell
Barwon South West WRRGMr William Tieppo
Barwon South West WRRGCr Neil Trotter
Barwon South West WRRGDr Jane Stanley
Barwon South West WRRGMs Philippa Bakes
Barwon South West WRRGMs Tara Halliday
Barwon South West WRRGMr Lindsay Merritt
Gippsland WRRGCr Richard Ellis (Chairperson)
Gippsland WRRGCr Dale Harriman
Gippsland WRRGinterim vacancy
Gippsland WRRGinterim vacancy
Gippsland WRRGMs Theresa Glab
Gippsland WRRGMr Duncan Malcolm
Gippsland WRRGMr Christopher Badger
Gippsland WRRGMs Julie Hocking
Goulburn Valley WRRGCr Seema Abdullah (Chairperson)
Goulburn Valley WRRGCr David Lowe
Goulburn Valley WRRGCr Eric Lording
Goulburn Valley WRRGCr Leigh Wilson
Goulburn Valley WRRGMr Geoffrey Dobson
Goulburn Valley WRRGMr Geoffrey Cobbledick
Goulburn Valley WRRGMs Andrea Richards
Goulburn Valley WRRGMr Anthony Lewis
Grampians Central West WRRGMayor Sebastian Klein (Chairperson)
Grampians Central West WRRGCr Belinda Coates
Grampians Central West WRRGCr Kevin Erwin
Grampians Central West WRRGCr Corinne Heintze
Grampians Central West WRRGMr Jeffrey Rigby
Grampians Central West WRRGMr Patrick Goodall
Grampians Central West WRRGMr Robert Miller
Grampians Central West WRRGMr Noel Perry
Loddon Mallee WRRGMayor Jennifer Anderson (Chairperson)
Loddon Mallee WRRGCr Geoffrey Curnow
Loddon Mallee WRRGCr Lorraine Learmonth
Loddon Mallee WRRGCr Daryl Warren
Loddon Mallee WRRGMs Julie Green
Loddon Mallee WRRGMs Helen Millicer
Loddon Mallee WRRGMr Russell Anderson
Loddon Mallee WRRGMs Jennifer Grigg
Metropolitan WRRGCr Colleen Gates (Chairperson)
Metropolitan WRRGMayor Thomas Melican
Metropolitan WRRGCr Collin Ross
Metropolitan WRRGCr Salvatore Alessi
Metropolitan WRRGMs Margaret Donnan
Metropolitan WRRGMs Janette Fitzgerald
Metropolitan WRRGCr David Gibb
Metropolitan WRRGMr Geoffrey Carruthers
North East WRRGMs Veronica Schilling (Chairperson)
North East WRRGMr Alan Clark
North East WRRGCr Peter Olver
North East WRRGMs Louise Perrin
North East WRRGMr Anthony Griffiths (Deputy Chairperson)
North East WRRGDr Timothy Clune
North East WRRGMr Raymond Park
North East WRRGMr Daniel Potter

Local Government Waste Forums nominated the appointed Directors, ensuring all new appointees have the required leadership and skills to succeed in their new roles.

The appointees increase board representation of:

  • women among local government directors on the boards from 19 per cent to 35 per cent
  • women among all group directors from 29 per cent to 37 per cent
  • women among chairpersons from 14 to 71 per cent
  • board directors who identify as Indigenous from 0 to 4 per cent
  • board directors who identify as having a disability from 5 to 7 per cent and;
  • board directors who identify as culturally or linguistically diverse from 7 to 11 per cent

The Victorian Government is committed to delivering its policy on better representation of women on boards, with a goal of reaching 50 per cent representation.

Female representation is growing, with female councillors increasing from 35 to 38 per cent following the 2016 local government elections.