Delivering a sustainable future for our state

We are providing further support for the waste and resource recovery sector, announcing another $34.9 million package to be delivered over three years. The government has already invested record funding of over $100 million to bolster the industry.

The waste and recycling sector plays an important role in the Victorian economy. With an annual turnover of $4 billion, it provides 12,000 full-time jobs and involves more than 590 businesses.

The new package will support the industry by: 

  • Establishing a $28.2 million Recycling Industry Development Fund to:
    • bolster the sector’s capacity to sort and process recycled material and increase opportunities for material to be reused in manufacturing; and
    • support Victorian councils to work together in procuring recycling services, delivering better outcomes for residents, improved industry performance and a diverse recycling sector
  • Reviewing the Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy and Prescribed Industrial Waste Landfill Levy
  • Reviewing waste and resource recovery with a view to possible regulation as an essential service
  • An expanded education and behaviour change campaign focused on reducing waste and kerbside contamination.

Resource Industry Development Fund (RIDF)

The $28.2 million Resource Industry Development Fund will support the reprocessing of more recyclable materials in Victoria, reducing the potential for dangerous stockpiling and disruption to kerbside collection services, while also enabling a higher volume of materials to be reused in manufacturing.

Reviewing whether waste and recycling should be regulated as an essential service

The Essential Services Commission will review waste and resource recovery to determine whether the sector should be regulated as an essential service, similar to how the water and energy sectors are regulated.

The review, set to take place in 2019-20, will consider competition, transparency and service standards in the waste and resource recovery sector.

Landfill levies to be reviewed

The Municipal and Industrial Landfill Levy and Prescribed Industrial Waste Landfill Levy are important tools to encourage reusing and recycling materials in Victoria that would otherwise go to landfill.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the Department of Treasury and Finance will conduct the review. Due for completion by December 2019, it will ensure the landfill levies are meeting their objectives in maximising resource recovery and reducing waste to landfill.

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Page last updated: 03/06/19