E-waste (electronic waste) is growing up to three times faster than general municipal waste in Australia. It covers a range of items we all use and discard from our daily working and home lives, including televisions, computers, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and white goods.

These items contain both hazardous and valuable materials that can be recovered when they reach the end of their working life.

Acknowledging the risks and opportunities associated with e-waste, the Victorian Government has committed to banning e-waste from landfill in Victoria. The e-waste ban will be designed to achieve a range of positive outcomes for the Victorian environment, community and industry.

Progress to date

January 2017

We’ve started the process to:

  1. vary the existing Waste Management Policy (Siting, Design and Management of Landfills) No. S264, and
  2. prepare a new waste management policy that describes how e-waste must be managed in Victoria

Notice of intention to vary or declare (PDF, 92.2 KB)

If you think you will be impacted by this intention, you may submit information to us by email at wastepolicy@delwp.vic.gov.au.

We will continue to seek your feedback on this work. In particular, we will release the draft waste management policies for public comment in mid-2017.

We encourage you and all interested parties to contribute your thoughts at that time.

August - September 2016

Targeted consultation on possible approaches to the ban.

December 2015

What's next?

Early 2017

Ongoing consultation with key stakeholders on various elements of the ban.

Further analysis of possible approaches, including analysing costs and benefits, considering statutory tool(s), and identifying the preferred approach to the ban.

Mid 2017

Public consultation on preferred approach.

Early 2018

Preferred approach in place, with some operational elements phased in as appropriate.

Further information

For more information, please contact the Waste and Resource Recovery team via email wastepolicy@delwp.vic.gov.au.