About the park

We are working with Parks Victoria to upgrade facilities at Wattle Park in Burwood.

The work will include an all-abilities nature play space and a shared walking and running track that will encourage local communities and visitors to enjoy social and healthy outdoor activities.

Where is the park located?

Wattle Park is in Burwood, about 15 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD.

Wattle park map

When can I visit the park?

You can visit Wattle Park now. New park areas and facilities will open from Spring 2022.


Government commitment to create a ring of parkland around Melbourne

November 2018

Planning phase

2019 – 2022

Community consultation - Stage 1

Late 2020

Community consultation - Stage 2

June – July 2021

Walking and running track

Late 2022


Early 2023

Parks Victoria is managing the project. We are working with key partners, stakeholders and the community.

Want to get involved?

Community consultation is currently closed.

Visit Engage Victoria's website to get involved or register for updates at engage@parks.vic.gov.au

More information

For more information download the Wattle Park fact sheet (PDF, 897.1 KB) or contact the Suburban Parks Program team by email at metro.parkland@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 27/10/22