The Local Parks Program will create green spaces for local communities to relax, enjoy and play in. Pocket parks provide communities in dense, urban areas with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of green open space that they may otherwise miss out on.

The Local Parks Program will provide funding for:

  • 25 new pocket parks
  • 16 off-leash dog parks
  • $10 million towards revitalisation of existing parks with facilities such as new and improved playgrounds, landscaping, picnic and toilet facilities.

Successful new pocket and dog parks announced soon

The Victorian Government will soon be announcing the first round of pocket and dog parks for funding.

The announcement is coming soon.

Local Parks program guidelines

Eligible councils were able to submit pocket park and dog park nominations for consideration for funding under Round 1 of the program.

Parks Revitalisation Grants Program opens shortly

This program will be open to all councils in metropolitan Melbourne to upgrade and improve facilities and infrastructure in existing parks and reserves. The Local Parks Program – Park Revitalisation Guidelines will be available for local councils soon.

More information

To be kept up to date about future announcements or to send an enquiry, please contact the Local Parks program.

Page last updated: 20/03/20