The Local parks program will create:

  • 25 new pocket parks
  • 16 enclosed, off-leash dog parks
  • Revitalisation of existing parks with new playgrounds, landscaping, picnic and toilet facilities.

The Local Parks Program will create open spaces for local communities to enjoy. It will help improve Melbourne’s world-renowned liveability by putting more opportunities to relax, enjoy and play within easy reach. It will help more of us have our everyday needs met within a 20-minute walk, cycle or public transport trip from home. It will also make urban living a little cooler, with more green space and vegetation across the suburbs and city.

We’ll work with local governments to deliver these new and improved local parks.

New park guidelines

New guidelines for off-leash dog parks and pocket parks have been released:

More information about each local park project will be available soon. In the meantime, you can contact the project team for further information.

This web page will be regularly updated with new information about the progress of this exciting program.

2 dogs sharing a stick.

Page last updated: 12/12/19