This Sunday 9 September is National Bilby Day. Held on the second Sunday in September, it was launched in 2005 to draw attention to the plight of the vulnerable bilby.

Why not make our bilby masks with the kids to mark the day? It’s a fun and simple activity that will also help connect your children with Australia’s beautiful native animals.

What you’ll need to make your bilby mask

  • Access to a printer
  • A4 paper or thin card. One piece per mask.
  • Colouring pencils, crayons or paints
  • Scissors
  • Elastic, wool or string to tie one your bilby mask 
  • Sticky tape or staples to attach the string or elastic to the mask

How to make your bilby mask

  1. Print the bilby mask (PDF, 100.8 KB).
  2. Use your favourite colours to colour in the mask. You can use super bright colours or colours close to a real bilby’s fur.
  3. Cut out the bilby mask (with adult supervision), including a small snip in the circles indicated on the mask. This is where you will attach the string or elastic to keep the mask on your head. 
  4. Snip two lengths of elastic, wool or string that are long enough to reach around your head and tie at the back. This is to keep the mask on your head. You will need a grown-up to help you with this.
  5. Tie a knot in one end of each piece of string. Or you can attach the string or elastic to the mask using sticky tape or staples. Ask a grown up to tie the string, wool or elastic at the back of your head. Be gentle, so you don’t tear the mask, particularly if using paper rather than thin card. 
  6. Hey presto! A bilby mask to celebrate National Bilby Day!

Page last updated: 10/09/19