Experts from Victoria and across the border in New South Wales are working with landowners around the Gelantipy area to battle the emerging issue of feral pigs.

Around 25 landowners from the Gelantipy area joined various government departments and industry last week to share knowledge of feral pig behaviour, monitoring and tracking technology, learnings from more heavily populated areas across Australia, and to take part in pig trapping and baiting techniques demonstrations.

Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) Statewide Invasive Species Manager Peter Austin said: “Feral pigs have a severe impact on both the bush and private property, by tearing up the ground and plants, destroying fences and crops”.

“To be successful in making an impact on the population, it’s vital we all work together to take on this issue, with pigs readily moving between public and private land, and across the border.

“We know that pigs are extremely intelligent, easily spooked and are hard to catch and bait, so it’s important we all get on the same page so our efforts complement each other.

“The Western Snowy Wild Dog and Pig Control Group, that has landowner and department representatives, is already doing some great work towards making this happen.

“Participants at our recent Gelantipy Information Session have now gained even more knowledge about the tools and techniques from the departments and our counterparts across the border.

“If you are experiencing a feral pig issue on your property, or you’re noticing a presence in parks or forest, we’d strongly encourage you to reach out and report it to the relevant department.

“Our biggest chance of success will be to work together across forests, parks, private properties and state borders” said Mr Austin.

Points of contact for further information and reporting of feral pig issues:

Department of Environment Land Water and Planning
For reporting presence of feral pigs in State Forest.

Parks Victoria
For reporting of feral pigs in National Parks.

Agriculture Victoria
For issues with feral pigs impacting private property.

An app/online system to track and report movements of feral pigs, trap and bait locations (and other feral animals) on your property. Information is not publicly shared, but can be privately shared amongst neighbouring properties and government departments.