Critical Action and Strategic Partnership Successful Projects

Barwon South West

Project NameOrganisationGrant Amount
Helping Hand: Glenelg Freshwater Mussel recovery actionsArthur Rylah Institute$35,000
Glenelg Hopkins Pine Wildling RemovalGHCMA$66,000
Reintroduction of Eastern Barred Bandicoots into Tiverton, Western VictoriaDELWP with Tiverton Property Partners pty ltd, Zoos Victoria, Eastern Barred Bandicoot Recovery Team$25,000
Supporting the captive insurance population of Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies.DELWP with Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Conservation Centre, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Zoos South Australia$35,000
Discovery Bay Coastal Park Limestone Ridge, Orchid Conservation Project.DELWP$25,000
A survey protocol for the threatened Heath MouseArthur Rylah Institute$15,000
Metallic Sun Orchid ProtectionParks Victoria$30,000
Identifying the distribution of, and restoration opportunites for, the critically endangered Western Swamp Crayfish in the GrampiansNature Glenelg Trust with Deakin University$15,000
Southern right whale data assessment and risk analysis (south-east population)DELWP$49,628
Strategic on-ground management to retain and enhance threatened flora and ecological communities of the Mortlake Common Flora Reserve.Nature Glenelg Trust$13,000
Recovery of threatened species (Wimmera Bottlebrush and Dwarf Galaxias) in response to the permanent restoration of Gooseneck and Brady SwampsNature Glenelg Trust$30,000
Protecting stream habitat for the critically endangered Glenelg Freshwater MusselNature Glenelg Trust$25,000
Basalt Rustyhood Translocation ProjectDELWP and Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria$25,000
Mapping review of optimal Orange-bellied Parrot habitatDELWP$40,000
Expanded Orange-bellied Parrot winter surveyDELWP with Birdlife Australia$49,940
Protecting a western basalt plains endemic: conservation for the Salt-lake Tussock Grass at Lake Linlithgow Lake ReserveNature Glenelg Trust$12,000
Rapid assessments informing critical recovery actions for threatened grassland flora of the Linear Reserves ProgramNature Glenelg Trust$4,000
Protecting Threatened Icons of the Volcanic Plains and Lakes - Salt-lake Tussock-grassGreening Australia with Parks Victoria$36,000
Protecting threatened orchids on the urban fringe: conserving the Basalt Leek-orchid at Maam ReserveNature Glenelg Trust$5,000


Project NameOrganisation Grant amount
Roundsnout Galaxias recovery actionsArthur Rylah Institute$27,000
McDowalls Galaxias and East Gippsland Galaxias recovery actionsArthur Rylah Institute$27,000
Dargo Galaxias recovery actionsArthur Rylah Institute$23,000
Predator removal to save Shaw Galaxias from extinctionArthur Rylah Institute$45,000
Tapered Galaxias and West Gippsland Galaxias recovery actionsArthur Rylah Institute$23,000
Protecting the New Holland MouseTrust for Nature with Parks Victoria and DELWP$51,050
Gippsland Plains EPBC Grassland ecosystems and flora speciesDELWP with Trust for Nature$136,200
Establishment of a self-sustaining captive insurance population of the Baw Baw Frog that supports wild recovery of the species.Zoos Victoria$46,530
Lowland Rainforest: Littoral Rainforest and Coastal Vine Thickets of Eastern Australia - Measuring for RecoveryDELWP with East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network$25,000
Alpine Flora - managing threats from large introduced herbivoresDELWP with Parks Victoria            $50,000
Gippsland Plains Threatened Species and Communities - 2.DELWP with Trust for Nature,
Parks Victoria and
GLaWAC, Bairnsdale
Threatened Invertebrates of the Western StrzeleckiisDELWP with Recovery Team and Trust for Nature$30,100
Threatened Orchids of the West Gippsland CoastDELWP with Parks Victoria and Royal Botanic Gardens$28,300


Project NameOrganisationGrant amount
Moorabool Environmental Weed Control for Rocky Chenopod CommunitiesParks Victoria$17,000
Survey of the Rayed Blue Butterfly (Wimmera form) and its food plantTrust for Nature (Vic)$15,200
Reducing extinction threat by seedbankingRoyal Botanic Gardens Victoria$6,000


Project nameOrganisationGrant amount
Ballantinia’s road to recovery: Hydrological restoration and moving to new heightsDELWP with Amaryllis Environmental$52,600
Rare and Restored- Orchids of the Loddon MalleeDELWP$88,000
Wild Orchids of the WimmeraRoyal Botanic Gardens Victoria$141,572
Critical assessment and protection of Velvet Daisy-bush (Olearia pannosa subsp. cardiophylla)Trust for Nature (Vic) and Arthur Rylah Institute$61,700
Protection and augmentation of populations of seven threatened Orchid species on Trust for Nature covenanted properties in the Goldfields BioregionTrust for Nature (Vic)$66,500


Project nameOrganisationGrant amount
Barred Galaxias recovery actionsArthur Rylah Institute$45,000
Mapping and monitoring Caltha introloba Herbland CommunityArthur Rylah Institute with La Trobe University$49,900
Saving the threatened Alpine and Mount Stirling stonefliesLa Trobe University with  Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre, Mt Buller-Mt Stirling Resort Management, Falls Creek Resort Management and Parks Victoria $105,498
Conservation management response to the arrival of the Amphibian Chytrid Fungus at the last fungus-free population of the nationally Vulnerable (Critically Endangered in Victoria) Alpine Tree FrogArthur Rylah Institute with Museum Victoria$19,958
Private Land Action for Threatened SpeciesTrust for Nature (Vic)$32,700
Protecting spawning conditions for Freshwater catfish at Tahbilk LagoonArthur Rylah Institute$32,000
Threatened woodland birds of the Goulburn-Murray irrigation district: Are we prioritising works in the right landscapes?GBCMA with Birds Bush and Beyond,GB CMA,Superb Parrot Action Group$54,924
Re-establishing Macquarie perch in the Ovens RiverArthur Rylah Institute with NECMA, Fisheries Victoria $84,246
The design of a rock corridor linking Mountain Pygmy-possum habitat at Little Higginbotham, Mt Hotham - remove the barriers to the conservation movement.DELWP with Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board $25,000

Loddon Mallee

Project nameOrganisationGrant amount
Determining threat management options for Masters' SnakeArthur Rylah Institute$28,675
Management to aid the survival of the highly localised Heath Skink in VictoriaArthur Rylah Institute with Parks Victoria$51,500
Threat busting in key Jericho Wire-grass populationsDELWP$10,300
Putting Shiny Daisy-bush back in its place: Protecting diversity and unlocking the mysteries of low seed viabilityDELWP with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria$32,000
Reintroduction and reinforcement of the endangered Black-eared Miner (Manorina melanotis) to the Victoria mallee: Translocation PlanBirdLife Australia$20,000
Murray hardyhead recovery programDELWP$156,000
Winged Peppercress - in-situ monitoring and ex-situ seedbank maintenanceNCCMA with Fire Flood & Flora, Murray Darling Fresh Water Research Centre and
Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria
On a Wing and Prayer- protecting the Loddon Mallee's most endangered butterfliesDELWP$77,000

Port Phillip

Project nameOrganisationGrant amount
Broadmeadows Valley Park - Geranium sp. 1Hume City Council$26,300
Securing the future of Victoria's State EmblemsPPWCMA$100,000
Yarra Ranges Endemic Shiny Nematolepis (Nematolepis wilsonii) ProtectionParks Victoria with DELWP$32,000
Strategic Actions for Mornington Peninsula & Westernport Threatened Species & CommunitiesTrust for Nature (Vic) with Parks Victoria,  RBG, ANOS and SPIFFA.$84,000
Threatened orchids of Middle Yarra and the Warrandyte-Kinglake Habitat CorridorParks Victoria$50,000
Saving Plains OrchidsDELWP with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria$21,063
Plenty Gorge Park Orchid SitesParks Victoria $25,000
Addressing stormwater threats to sensitive riparian ecosystems in Sassafras and Perrins Creek sub-catchmentYarra Ranges Council$70,000
Pomaderris vacciniifolia protection Yarra RangesYarra Ranges Council$34,750
Eastern Barred Bandiocoot (EBB) Recovery - Pest Animal Control in the Back Paddock, Woodlands Historic ParkParks Victoria$30,000
Captive-breeding to protect and recover the last lowland Leadbeater’s Possum population at Yellingbo Nature Conservation ReserveZoos Victoria$19,375
Eastern Barred Bandicoot Gene Widening Projectcesar pty ltd, Melbourne University with Zoos Victoria$55,000

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