2016 funded projects

Bush Stone-curlews in the Koonda Hills
BIRDBush Stone-curlewGecko CLaN Landcare Network                           $8,500
Providing tools and capacity building for community protection of Victoria's most threatened beach birdBIRDHooded PloverBirdLife Australia                        $18,590
Kooloonong-Natya MalleefowlBIRDMalleefowlKooloonong-Natya Landcare Group                        $16,750
A Turquoise Landscape - Working towards improving habitat for the threatened Turquoise ParrotBIRDTurquoise ParrotBroken Boosey Conservation Management Network                        $16,224
Bolstering Brolga Breeding-  Fox threat and hazard abatementBIRDBrolgaRutherglen Landcare Group                        $20,800
Marlborough habitat restoration, re-vegetation, monitoring and education for the Powerful OwlBIRDPowerful OwlMarlborough Primary School                        $21,745
Restoring a key habitat corridor for the Bush Stone Curlew on the Calivil Creek, YarrawallaBIRDBush Stone CurlewLoddon Plains Landcare Network                        $24,980
Cardinia Creek Threatened Species Protection ProgramBIRD,Powerful OwlCardinia Catchment Landcare Group Inc.                        $18,500
MAMMAL, Southern Brown Bandicoot
FROGGrowling Grass Frog
Strathbogie Forest Citizen ScienceBIRD, MAMMALSPowerful OwlStrathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network                        $16,490
Spot-tailed Quoll
Greater Glider
Wongan Creek Threatened Species protection ProjectBIRD, REPTILESBrolgaBeyond Bolac Catchment Action Group                        $10,000
Striped Legless Lizard
Corangamite Water Skink
Habitat Restoration for Threatened Species – People Power in ActionBIRD,Regent Honeyeater          Regent Honeyeater Project Inc                        $25,000
MAMMALGrey-crowned Babbler     
 Squirrel Glider                
Strategic community planting for threatened species in the northern WimmeraBIRDSMalleefowlHindmarsh Landcare Network Inc.                        $11,200
Regent Parrot
Diamond Firetail
Rewilding Korong Ridge – Pest species eradication: feral fox, cat and rabbit controlBIRDSHooded RobinMount Korong Eco Watch                           $8,000
Painted Honeyeater
Rehabilitation of various nesting sites of Fairy Tern in Western Port and Port Phillip Bays.BIRDSFairy TernBirdLife Australia                        $24,520
Little Tern
Caspian Tern
Protecting three icon threatened species of the Goulburn Murray Landcare area.BIRDSGrey-crowned BabblerGoulburn Murray Landcare Network                        $11,500
Superb Parrot
Bush Stone-curlew
Monitoring Threatened Species in Community Revegetation SitesBIRDSRegent ParrotHindmarsh Landcare Network                        $10,200
Diamond Firetail
Hooded Robin
Upper Wimmera Habitat Enhancement and Wildlife MonitoringBIRDS, MAMMALPowerful OwlProject Platypus Association Inc.                           $9,499
Squirrel Glider
Barking Owl
Increasing habitat, nest boxes and fox baiting for Threatened SpeciesBIRDS, MAMMALGrowling Grass FrogLongwood Plains Conservation Management Network                        $25,000
Connecting the ranges to the rivers for threatened species in the Greta ValleyBIRDS, MAMMALRegent HoneyeaterGreta Valley Landcare Group                        $25,000
Grey-crowned Babbler
Squirrel Glider
More local habitat for our threatened speciesBIRDS, MAMMALPowerful OwlConcongella Landcare group                        $22,490
Squirrel Glider
Barking Owl
Protecting the Present, Planning for the Future - Powerful Owl HabitatBIRDS, MAMMALPowerful OwlWestern Port Catchment Landcare Network                        $24,875
Sooty Owl
Leadbeater's Possum
Seven Creeks, Euroa:  A nationally significant spot for threatened speciesFISH, MAMMALTrout CodEuroa Environment Group                        $25,000
Macquarie Perch
Squirrel Glider
Find Ballarat's Threatened FrogsFROGGrowling Grass FrogLeigh Catchment Group                        $22,900
Growling Grass Frog community monitoring projectFROGGrowling Grass FrogVictorian National Parks Association                        $15,600
Protecting and restoring stream habitat for threatened species of the Red Hill CreekFROG, BIRD, MAMMALGrowling Grass FrogNEERIM & DISTRICT LANDCARE GROUP                        $19,700
Powerful Owl
Greater Glider
Enhancing Reedy Creek for Critically Endangered Martin's Toadlet and the Endangered Tree GoannaFROG, REPTILEMartin's ToadletWoodside Landcare Group                        $25,000
Tree Goanna or Lace Monitor
Jessie's Creek - Community Riparian Restoration of Complex Indigenous HabitatsINVERT.Murray Spiny CrayfishSwamps Rivers and Ranges                        $24,790
Nyrimerlang Park Littoral Rainforest restoration projectPLANTSLittoral RainforestGunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation                        $24,900
Bringing our native grassland, Bababi Marning, to lifeINVERT., PLANTSGolden Sun MothFriends of Merri Creek Inc.                           $5,250
Victorian Volcanic Plains Grassland
Keeping an Eye on Cape Otways PotoroosMAMMAL, Long-Nosed Potoroo Southern Otway Landcare Network                        $12,353
PLANTLeafy Greenhood
Squirrel Glider Next Box Monitoring and Community Awareness ProgramMAMMALSquirrel GliderShepparton Mooroopna Landcare Network                           $5,066
Gliders along the CampaspeMAMMALSquirrel GliderStrathallan Family Landcare                           $7,499
Tracks for DunnartsMAMMALWhite-footed DunnartThe Basalt to Bay Landcare Network                        $16,875
Long Nosed Potoroo
Caught on CameraMAMMALSouthern Brown BandicootVictorian National Parks Association                        $15,800
Eastern Barred Bandicoot buffer zoneMAMMALEastern Barred BandicootPhillip Island Landcare Group Inc.                        $17,500
Locating the Lost Brush Tailed PhascogaleMAMMALBrush-tailed PhascogaleUp2Us Landcare Alliance                        $19,500
Jallukar Bandicoot HabitatMAMMALSouthern Brown BandicootJallukar Landcare Group                        $15,819
Increasing and enhancing the area of habitat for the Swamp Antechinus through Targeted RevegetationMAMMALSwamp Antechinus3 Creeks Landcare Group                        $24,904
Monitoring Threatened Species in Southern Brown Bandicoot Management AreaMAMMALSouthern Brown BandicootNatural Resources Conservation League of Victoria                        $21,500
The Tale of the Tuan - Discovering Brush-tailed Phascogales in the MooraboolMAMMALBrush-tailed PhascogaleMoorabool Catchment Landcare Group                        $15,227
Captive Bandi-Cootie Cleanse: Ensurance of the Survival of the Bandicoot Genetics on the Australian MainlandMAMMALEastern Barred BandicootMt Rothwell Landcare Volunteers                        $25,000
Restoration of Long Nosed Potoroo Habitat in Fire Affected Landscapes of the Great Ocean Road
MAMMALLong Nosed PotorooSouthern Otway Landcare Network                        $24,367
Supporting Our Forest Heavyweights. Powerful Owls and Greater Gliders.MAMMAL,Greater GliderHighlands Landcare Group                           $6,800
BIRDPowerful Owl
Increasing habitat for Squirrel Gliders and Grey-crowned BabblersMAMMAL,Squirrel GliderHoneysuckle Recreational Environment Project, Violet Town Action Group                        $17,800
BIRDGrey-crowned Babbler
Balcomb Creek Habitat HabitatMAMMAL,Swamp AntechinusBalcomb Moorooduc Landcare Group                           $2,600
BIRD,Powerful Owl
REPTILESwamp Skink
Nectar for Fords CreekMAMMAL, Squirrel GliderUp2Us Landcare Alliance                        $15,750
BIRDSRegent Honey Easter
 Swift Parrot
Making Our School a Haven for Threatened Species: habitat regeneration at Peranbin Primary CollegeMAMMAL, BIRDSSquirrel GliderPeranbin Primary College                        $25,000
Grey-crowned Babbler
Victorian Temperate Woodland bird community
Habitat improvement and monitoring of Nillumbik's iconic threatened speciesMAMMAL, BIRDSBrush-tailed PhascogaleNillumbik Landcare Network                        $23,230
Powerful Owl
Barking Owl
Northern Grampians Save Our Threatened SpeciesMAMMAL, PLANTSSquirrel GliderNorthern Grampians Landcare Group                        $15,690
Deep Lead Leek-orchid
Monitoring species post wildlife recovery within the Grampians landscapeMAMMALSSquirrel GliderConservation Volunteers Australia                           $6,900
Brush-tailed Phascogale
Growing volunteer experiences and habitat at St Helens, VictoriaMAMMALSSouthern Brown BandicootThe Basalt to Bay Landcare Network                        $10,940
Southern Bent-wing Bat
Brush-tailed Phascogale
Building a network of Threatened Species MonitorsMAMMALSBrush-tailed PhascogaleParklands Albury Wodonga Limited                        $18,650
Squirrel Glider
Spot-tailed Quoll
Black Range Bandicoot linkMAMMALSSouthern Brown BandicootProject Platypus                        $25,000
Brush-tailed Phascogale
Fat tailed Dunnart
Camera trap surveys for threatened species in the Moorabool Landcare NetworkMAMMALSBrush-tailed PhascogaleMoorabool Landcare Network                        $21,000
Common Dunnart
Eastern Pygmy Possum
Creating a Wodonga Nestbox NetworkMAMMALS Brush-tailed PhascogaleWodonga Urban Landcare Network Inc.                           $9,480
Greater Glider
Indian Myna Awareness- highlingting the increasing risk to hollow dependant threatened species.MAMMALS, BIRDSquirrel GliderOvens Landcare Network                           $4,600
Brush-tailed Phascogale
Turquoise Parrot
Artificial hollows for Pygmy Possums and Powerful Owls in Christmas HillsMAMMALS, BIRDEastern Pygmy PossumChristmas Hills Landcare Group                           $8,090
Powerful Owl
Brush-tailed Phascogale
Holden the Ground - COMPLETION of predator proofing at Holden Proving GroundMAMMALS, BIRDSouthern Brown BandicootBass Coast Landcare Network                        $24,597
Swift parrot
White footed Dunnart
DCLG Dianella amoena conservation projectPLANTMatted Flax LilyDeep Creek Landcare Group                           $2,409
Protecting Dianella species of  the Darebin ParklandPLANTMatted Flax-lilyDarebin Creek Management Committee Inc.                           $5,100
Eradication of Wild Watsonia in Remnant Damp Heathland (EVC 710)PLANTSun OrchidEmu Plains Racecourse & Recreation Reserve Committee of Management                           $5,115
Filling in the Black Gum Gaps along Five Mile CreekPLANTBlack GumWoodend Landcare                           $6,650
Protecting Buloke Woodlands 2016PLANTBulokeDonald and District Landcare Group                           $9,350
Australian Anchor Plant- protection; propagation; revegetation in the Campaspe catchmentPLANTAustralian Anchor PlantCampaspe River & Land Management Group                        $16,883
Dja Dja Wurrung Caring for County - Pimelea conservationPLANTSpiny Rice-FlowerDja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation                        $17,395
Community led Revegetation and weed control  to Protect and Enhance the Strzelecki GumPLANTStrzelecki GumKorumburra Landcare Group                        $24,990
A Whole Lot of Rubbish - Cleaning up the 'Ironbarks' (Deep Lead Nature Conservation Reserve)PLANT, BIRD, MAMMALTawny Spider OrchidProject Platypus Association Inc.                        $24,800
Swift Parrot
Squirrel Glider
Gums, Owls and Growls in KongwakPLANT, FROG, BIRDStrzleckii GumKongwak Hills Landcare Group                        $24,960
Growling Grass Frog
Powerful Owl
Mt. Worth threatened species biolinkPLANT, INVERTEBRATE BIRDStrzelecki GumMt. Worth and District Landcare Group Inc                        $15,420
Narracan Burrowing Crayfish
Powerful Owl
Action for threatened species in Victoria's western goldfieldsPLANT, MAMMALBulokeKara Kara Conservation Management Network                        $23,300
Brush-tailed Phascogale
Ribbons of Remnant RoadsidesPLANT, MAMMALSRound-leaf PomaderrisUpper Goulburn Landcare Network                        $21,135
Brush-tailed Phascogale
Bent-wing Bat
Moolort Plains Remnant Pimelea spinescens and VVP Grassland Awareness Raising & On-ground ConservationPLANT, REPTILESpiny Rice FlowerMoolort Landcare Inc                           $5,700
Striped Legless Lizard
Discovering Two Gems of Threatened Species in Grassland Country.PLANT, REPTILEPlump Swamp- Wallaby grassUpper Goulburn Landcare Network                        $20,950
Stripped Legless Lizard
Plains GrasslandPLANTSSmall Golden Moths, Plains GrasslandAustralasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria Group) Inc.                           $8,190
Tough Scurf-pea & Small Scurf-pea
Button Wrinklewort & Large-headed Fireweed
Protecting threatened plant species and habitat at Westgate Park using community volunteersPLANTSSwamp EverlastingFriends of Westgate Park Inc.                           $7,900
Tough Scurf-pea
Large-flower Crane's bill
Finding NaturePLANTSWestern Basalt Plains Grassland CommunityPanyyabyr Landcare Group                        $11,030
Western Basalt Plains (River Red Gum) Grassy Woodland Floristic Community
Planting and Propagating the Pale-flower Crane's-bill & Velvet Apple-berryPLANTSPale-flower Crane's-billGlen Katherine Primary School                        $16,500
Velvet Apple-berry
Preserving the genetic diversity of the Yarra Gum in the Upper BarwonPLANTYarra GumUpper Barwon Landcare Network                        $14,077
Nillumbik Threatened Orchid program -  Community engagement and site preparation for reintroductions.PLANTSRosella Spider-orchidNillumbik Landcare Network                        $21,190
Wine-lipped Spider-orchid
Emerald-lip Greenhood
Beechworth Cemetery Rabbit Exclusion Zone (for the  protection of  threatened species)PLANTSRosemary GrevilleaBeechworth Urban Landcare and Sustainability                        $24,015
Late-flower Flax Lily
Large-headed Fireweed
Rocky Chenopod conservation ProjectPLANTSRocky Chenopod Open Scrub CommunityFriends of Werribee Gorge and Long Forest Mallee                           $7,976
Towan Plains Protecting DiversityPLANTSPop SaltbushNyah West Landcare Group                        $22,500
Salt Paperbark
Smooth Elachanth
Landcare Supporting Threatened Species in East GippslandPLANTSForest Red Gum Grassy Woodland Community & Warm Temperate RainforestEast Gippsland Landcare Network Inc.                        $24,950
Building Community Support for the Salt Lake Tussock Grass and Spiny PeppercressPLANTSSpiny PeppercressGreening Australia                        $25,000
Salt-lake Tussock-grass
Improving species diversity in Buloke Grey Box Grassy Woodland sites of the Longwood Plains.PLANTSBulokeEuroa Arboretum Inc                        $21,800
Euroa Guinea Flower
Moormung Bridal Creeper Mapping ProjectPLANTSForest Red Gum Grassy Woodland CommunityGippsland Plains Conservation Management Network                        $11,500
Ecological education, training and practical conservation for Grassy Woodlands in the Longwood Plains.PLANTSGrey Box - Buloke Grassy Woodland CommunityEuroa Arboretum                        $17,500
Protection and Recruitment of the Wax Garden Reserve's threatened Buloke and Goldfields Grevillea coloniesPLANTS, BIRDSBulokeSt Arnaud Field Naturalist Club Inc.                        $17,793
Goldfields Grevillea
Victorian Temperate Woodland Bird Community
Boosting Bulokes and Diamond Firetails in the Muckleford valley and surrounds of central VictoriaPLANTS, BIRDSVictorian Woodland Bird CommunityConnecting Country (Mount Alexander Region) Inc.                        $25,000
Diamond Firetail
GPS Training to enhance Threatened Species SurveysPLANTS, MAMMAL Angahook Pink-fingersFriends of Eastern Otways Inc.                           $5,000
Anglesea Grevillea
Southern Brown Bandicoot
Wonyipedia- Education, Identification and Protection of Threated Species in the Strzelecki RangesPLANTS, Cool temperate RainforestWonyip Landcare Subgroup                        $25,000
MAMMAL,Tiger Quoll
BIRDMasked Owl
Huntly Streamside Reserve BiolinkPLANTS,Creekline Grassy Woodland (Goldfields) CommunityNorthern Bendigo Landcare Group                        $18,000
MAMMAL, Brush-tailed Phascogale
BIRDBarking Owl
Seeds from SchoolPLANTS, REPTILEWestern (Basalt) Plains Grassland communityVictoria University                           $9,890
Striped Legless Lizard
Tough Scurf-pea
Protecting and Enhancing Strzelecki Warm Temperate RainforestPLANTS, REPTILEWarm Temperate RainforestBinginwarri Landcare Subgroup                        $25,000
Lace Monitor
Creating, Protecting and Enhancing Swamp Skink and Powerful Owl habitat in the Bass ValleyREPTILE, BIRDSwamp SkinkBass Valley Land Care Group                        $25,000
Powerful Owl
Protecting and restoring Corangamite Water Skink habitat and VVP Eucalyptus Woodlands along Mt Emu CreekREPTILE, PLANTSCorangamite Water SkinkLismore Land Protection Group                        $25,000
Victorian Volcanic Plains Grassy Eucalpytus (River Red Gum) Woodland  Floristic Community
Restoring endangered reptile habitatREPTILES, PLANTStriped Legless LizardCairnlea Conservation Reserves Committee of Management                        $13,300
Tussock Skink
Button Wrinklewort

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