Community Volunteer Action grants

Over $2 million dollars was provided to small-scale, local threatened species projects that build community connections to the local environment.

This program recognised the value of grassroots community action in making change happen quickly.

In September 2016, ninety eight successful projects were announced as recipients of Round Two - Threatened Species Protection Initiative Community Volunteer Action Grants.

View the full list of 2016 Funded Projects

Critical Action and Strategic Partnerships grants

$3 million dollars was provided to environmental agencies and organisations, as experts in threatened species management, to undertake work that reduced threats to secure important sites for threatened species. This work which funded 70 projects has now been completed.

View the full list of Funded Projects.


The Victorian Government completed a unique crowdfunding pilot to support threatened species conservation campaigns.

Crowdfunding enables the community to directly invest in causes and projects that they value and are passionate about.

The crowdfunding pilot has offered community groups a unique opportunity to raise funds for additional threatened species actions, and have their fundraising efforts matched by government.

The details for each online campaign undertaken can be viewed at Pozible

Further information

For further information about biodiversity programs, please see Biodiversity On-ground Actions.

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