The functions of the Committee are (a) to advise the Minister on the listing of taxa or communities of flora and fauna and potentially threatening processes and (b) to advise the Minister on any other flora and fauna conservation matters.

The members of the Committee are (a) three senior government scientific officers appointed by the Minister, (b) two scientists on the staff of any of the Victorian education institutions, appointed by the Minister and (c) two scientists appointed by the Minister who are not employed by the Government.

All members of the Committee must be knowledgeable and experienced in the sciences of flora or fauna conservation or ecology.

Each member of the Committee must have expertise in one or more of the following categories and between them the members of the Committee must have expertise in all the following categories:

  • vertebrate fauna
  • invertebrate fauna
  • vascular flora
  • non-vascular flora
  • communities of flora or fauna
  • aquatic taxa or communities of flora or fauna in marine environments
  • aquatic taxa or communities of flora or fauna in inland aquatic environments
  • taxa or communities of flora or fauna in terrestrial environments
  • potentially threatening processes.

Scientists currently appointed to the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Scientific Advisory Committee

Recent Scientific Advisory Committee reports

When the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) makes a recommendation in regard to a nomination, a report is prepared which states the Committee's recommendation and a summary of the evidence supporting it. These reports form the basis for public submissions, in the case of preliminary recommendations, or for the Minister's decision, in the case of final recommendations. The following recommendation arose from the Committee's meeting in March 2017. Note that the PDF versions provided below are the official signed documents of the SAC.

The SAC welcomes comments on the preliminary recommendation.  Public comments on the above preliminary recommendation may be made to the SAC until Friday 26 May 2017.  Submissions can either support or reject a Preliminary Recommendation and can be posted to the address below or emailed to the Committee via the following address:

Should you wish to make a submission, the attached document explains how this can be done.

Commenting on SAC preliminary recommendations (DOC, 32.5 KB)

For further information on any recommendations of the SAC, please contact the SAC Secretary as follows:

Martin O'Brien
Secretary, Scientific Advisory Committee
c/o Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
2/8 Nicholson St.

To obtain copies of earlier SAC recommendation reports, please contact: the Secretary, Scientific Advisory Committee, on (03) 9637 9869