Project IDProject BRP Region Recommended funding Project lead/ delivery partners Project summary
BRP067Threat mitigation for the biodiversity of the far eastern Croajingolong National Park, East Gippsland.8. Eastern Forests$320,000.00DELWP
Parks Victoria
In Croajingalong National Park, deliver 3500 hectares of feral predator control, 167 hectares of heathland ecological burning and create a second Victorian population of Eastern Bristlebird through planned translocations within a 875 hectares site preparation area. 
BRP070Conservation management of private land enclaves in the Far Eastern Forests8. Eastern Forests$747,000.00Trust for Nature Improvement of habitat over 4,000 hectares of private land in the Eastern Forests by controlling  weeds, removing foxes and destocking,  protecting a range of threatened species and vegetation communities including rare Warm Temperate Rainforest and threatened critical weight mammals.
BRP080Iconic estates - Eastern Forests8. Eastern Forests$297,843.00Trust for Nature Ongoing protection for 200 hectares of Victoria's most important habitat on private land being in the Eastern Forests, in partnership with local and regional networks and individual landholders. 
BRP084Managing feral pigs in the eastern borderlands8. Eastern Forests$900,000.00Parks Victoria
Controlling pigs in the Eastern Forests borderlands to protect a range of environmental, cultural and social assets.
BRP085Mitigating impacts of invasive herbivores on Alpine wetlands8. Eastern Forests$190,000.00Parks Victoria Fencing areas of priority wetlands and alpine peatlands to mitigate the increasing destructive impacts of feral horses, deer and/or pigs.
BRP087Managing the impacts of transformative coastal weeds in Far East Gippsland8. Eastern Forests$450,000.00Parks Victoria Control high priority weed infestations and contain transforming weeds at a diverse suite of inlets, rocky headlands and isolated beaches of high ecological value on the Far East Gippsland coastline, including the Cape Howe Wilderness and Sand Patch Wilderness, Croajingolong National Park and Cape Conran Coastal Park
BRP113Management to improve habitat for threatened mammal species in the Upper Snowy River8. Eastern Forests$450,000.00DELWP
Parks Victoria
Continuing successful predator control strategies, trial new predator management techniques, support  Southern Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallaby genetic rescue through supplementation, and deliver targeted threat abatement and threatened species recovery monitoring.
The Upper Snowy River is the stronghold for three of Victoria's most endangered mammals – Southern Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallaby, Spot-tailed Quoll and Eastern Wallaroo. 
BRP116Rodent free Gabo Island8. Eastern Forests$220,000.00DELWPRemove introduced rodents (Brown Rats and House Mice) from Gabo Island making the island a haven for breeding seabirds.
BRP117Lake Tyers deer management8. Eastern Forests$500,000.00DELWP
East Gippsland Rainforests Conservation Management Network
Trust for Nature
The East Gippsland Rainforest Conservation Management Network plan to connect landowners and public-land managers with accredited shooters in a coordinated response at a landscape scale. Scientific monitoring along with partners will increase knowledge and trial a novel control system.
BRP119Aquatic predator control and translocations for biodiversity gain in headwaters streams - east Gippsland Forests8. Eastern Forests$137,200.00Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (DELWP)Management of aquatic predation, the landscape-wide threat to the majority of native headwater fish species in eastern Victoria, by removing aquatic predators, and locating translocation sites and undertaking translocation 'top up' for six species of upland native galaxiids from west to east Gippsland.

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