Providing Victorians greater access to the kit of applications that help map plants and animals, determine management actions and record the efforts on the ground.

Key implementation actions for this flagship will include:

  • Launch Strategic Management Prospects to guide biodiversity decision-making.
  • Develop VBA Go, a mobile-enabled Victorian Biodiversity Atlas to allow rapid, real-time entry of species records on a mobile device and provide for more engaged citizen science.
  • Launch the new NatureKit web mapping and reporting tool to make Victorian biodiversity data and information products more accessible to all Victorians.
  • Launch Activity Kit - a new user-friendly tool for stakeholders and partners to input standard output data for reporting of progress towards state-wide biodiversity targets.
  • Review the availability of existing digital engagement tools that help Victorians connect with or act to protect nature and identify opportunities to enhance or integrate these systems.

View more implementation actions in the Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework

Page last updated: 04/09/19