The Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework outlines the first four years of Victorian Government actions to implement Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037.

The Framework contains enabling actions that will make biodiversity protection in Victoria more efficient and effective. These actions support the significant investment in on-ground action from the Victorian Government and its partners, community groups, industry and Victorian Traditional Owners.

You can explore the implementation actions below, grouped by the chapters and priorities of Biodiversity 2037.


Key implementation actions

The Biodiversity Plan presents a long-term vision for Victoria’s biodiversity, supported by two goals –Victorians value nature and Victoria’s natural environment is healthy.

The Plan sets statewide targets for both goals.

To get more people engaged with nature and acting to protect biodiversity, we need to better understand the barriers to community involvement – and the opportunities to be involved.

Biodiversity investment should be more strongly focused on prevention and earlier intervention, rather than just crisis response, and we now have the tools and scientific analysis to do this.

The impacts of climate change, and the uncertainty it brings, will be considered in all conservation decisions and will affect what can be achieved.

A healthy environment is fundamental to a healthy society.

More needs to be done to enable Victorians to access nature, including increasing people’s awareness and understanding of the environment and how they can act to protect it.

We all need to work together – across government, business and the community – to ensure that we have a healthy environment to support a healthy society.

By protecting and building the state’s natural capital, we can enhance Victoria’s ability to generate wealth and to compete on the world stage.

The use of environmental-economic accounting will help reveal the linkages between natural capital, society and the economy, and identify risks and opportunities for Victoria.

Victoria will increasingly need to protect and utilise its environmental assets, including its world-class tourism attractions, to deliver co-benefits for the economy and environment, and to help communities become more liveable, resilient and climate adapted.

The long-term health of Victoria’s natural environment relies not only on a clear future vision, but on financial resources and a collective effort across society.

Initiatives that result in more sustained and diverse sources of investment will help achieve the targets of this Plan.

A key to increasing investment in biodiversity conservation will be supporting landholders to significantly increase the amount of native habitat that is protected and managed on private land.

Victoria’s approach to biodiversity conservation needs to be modernised, with more structured collaboration between stakeholders to drive alignment, accountability and measurable improvement.

To ensure everyone can participate in this collaborative process, the capacity of some interested parties and stakeholders needs to be enhanced.

Aboriginal people have profound cultural, spiritual and economic connections to land, biodiversity and resources through their relationship with Country. Connectedness to land, biodiversity and resources on Country is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

Participation in biodiversity planning and management will be supported to address the rights and interests of Aboriginal people.

Improving access to biodiversity and increasing the role of Aboriginal people in biodiversity management provide Aboriginal people with opportunities for economic advancement.

Threats need to be better managed across the landscape to ensure that species and ecosystems are conserved, and to give biodiversity the best chance to adapt to the effects of climate change and human population growth.

The government will demonstrate leadership by significantly increasing investment in targeted biodiversity management across conservation reserves and other public land, and by transparently reporting on performance.

The system of conservation reserves requires periodic review to ensure that permanent protection of biodiversity is as effective as possible under changing climate conditions and land uses.

Success of this Plan will rely on government leadership in its implementation.

This will include widespread incorporation of biodiversity into decision making, a best-practice regulatory and accountability framework, and regular evaluation to refine and improve its implementation.

You can also download a print-friendly Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework below.


Accessible version

Reporting on Progress

We are committed to keeping the community informed about work to implement Biodiversity 2037. The VicEnvironments Forum, in consultation with other partners, has produced the first Biodiversity 2037 Implementation Framework Progress Report.

You can download a print-friendly version of this report below.


Accessible version

Page last updated: 12/06/19